Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Album Review: Pretend It's Not Over by Resuscitators (by Marcus Pond)

Resuscitators is a gruff-punk trio from London, and their newest EP is a joint-release effort by Back From The Dead Records and our very own CPRW Records. As the newest member of the writing team at CPRW (and one of the few not based out of the UK), it was presumed that I would be the least biased, and therefore most qualified to review the six songs that make up Pretend It’s Not Over.

The EP kicks off with “The Ron Swansong”, which begins with a clip from the TV show Parks And Rec (from the aforementioned Ron Swanson), and let me tell you, it’s hard to think of a better way to start a song (although it did get me thinking about what clip from The Office would be a good song intro). As soon as the music began, I caught a heavy Banner Pilot influence, and I think they chose the strongest of these six songs to open the EP.

I enjoyed Pretend It’s Not Over on my first listen, but it took a few spins to better appreciate what they presented lyrically. On “Every Party Needs a Healer”, they seem very self-aware, acknowledging that they wish they’d “written more postcards than songs”. In the chorus, they present their problem by yelling “They say keep on pushing ’til your arms give in / But I’m so tired / I just can’t see the reason”, before providing a solution: “Rest your weight on me / Let your expectations crush me”.

“Sleepless Nights” and “Disappointment Reigns” find Resuscitators channeling The Bouncing Souls, providing soaring backdrops for some fist-in-the-air, pogo-worthy moments. While they may lack the positivity of some of the Souls’ finest hymns, the overall themes of community and helping others resonate throughout.

From the gritty delivery, anthemic gang vocals, and chugging power chords, Resuscitators is almost textbook perfect gruff-punk, perfect for arm-in-arm yelling in a sweaty, crowded room. Lest I or anyone else at CPRW be accused of less-than impartial critics, 100% of the proceeds from Pretend It’s Not Over are donated to Crisis, the national charity for homeless people in the UK.

RIYL: Hot Water Music, Nothington, Banner Pilot, The Bouncing Souls

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This review was written by Marcus Pond.

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