Video Of The Week

I've become far too slack when it comes to updating Video Of The Week so this week we have two! In the past week two of my favourite musical acts have released new music. The first is German gruff pop punks Captain Asshole who released the song Michelangelo Is A Traitor. This is actually a slightly older Captain Asshole song that was previously unrecorded. The band hope to have their second album out in early 2022 and I can not wait!     

The second song is from Chicago native Davey Dynamite. If I've spoken to you about music in the last few year there's a very good chance I've spoken to you about my love of Davey Dynamite. For my money they are the best song writer in punk rock and anytime they release new music it gets me very excited. Below is the song Make It Through which is taken from Davey's latest release 2020 - 2021. This is a collection of songs that Davey recorded during the pandemic to help them through it.

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