Thursday, 9 July 2015

Bens Top Tens - Top Ten UK Punk Guitarists

In a new feature Ben from The 4130's will be giving his top ten punk rock things every Thursday. I'm brilliantly calling it Top Ten Thursdays. Here is his top ten UK punk guitarists.

1. Mickey Trenter (Red Flag 77, Lovejunk) - Micky makes my number 1. I can listen to his guitar work in Lovejunk all day long and if he didn't live in the same town as me I'd have stolen all his riffs for my own band years ago.

2. Steve Pod (Vanilla Pod) - When I think of my fave UK punks songs ever written the bulk of them come from Steve, I'm not sure I've ever seen him make a mistake live either. 

3. Luke Edmund Yates (The Human Project) - Luke is a complete shredder and has a shed load of stage presence too. A stand out in a band full of legends for me. 

4. Alex Wonk (Wonk Unit) - We all know Alex for his robotics and smooth sensual voice but people often forget how good he is on guitar in the same way people forget how good Fat Mike is on bass because of his voice.

5. Rob Piper (Darko) - It's no secret in the scene that Darko pretty much set the bench mark for twiddly new era skate punk bands and Rob is at the forefront of making Darko stand out as top of the pile in that genre.

6. Daniel Williams (The Liabilities) - Dan takes a lot of flak for his sometimes close to the bone songwriting, mostly by people who have never smiled in their lives but his guitar work is out of this world when you strip it down. Someone who drinks that much shouldn't be that good live.

7. David Speechley (Fair Do's) I've not seen David play live yet . I've somehow got through life without seeing Fair Do's but his playing on studio tracks is enough for him to be included on my list.

8. Ben Davis (Spoilers) - I love Ben's style. He's super relaxed live and is as fluid as nobody's business. He's also the tour manager for Lagwagon but he doesn't like to talk about that ;)

9. Chris Brown (Darko) - The other Darko shredder. With Darko you can count on two things amazing guitar work and hot sweaty sets full of energy. Also Chris is probably one of the nicest guys I've met in the scene too.

10. Dan Goatham (Spoilers) - One of them rare guitarists who can set a mood for a song and it'll always be catchy, I'm pretty sure if you asked Dan to write a shoe gaze song he'd find a way for it to not be boring as fuck.

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