Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Album Review: Shreds by Forever Unclean

Ever since I booked my ticket for Book Yer Ane Fest in Dundee this November I have been excitedly waiting for announcements on who is playing. One of the first bands announced were a and from Denmark named Forever Unclean. I'd never heard of the band before so checked out their Bandcamp page. I fell in love. They are amazing. Here's a review of their EP Shreds!

The three piece from Copenhagen start the EP with a bang. After a little piece of guitar feedback the opening song Excuse blasts into life with vocals sound similar to Joe McMahon of Smoke Or Fire (one of my favourite vocalists). Straight away this feels like get right down to the stage and get your fists in the air punk rock, the kind that I love. Musically of course it played at 100mph, giving off so much passion and energy. It's hard not to care about this stuff. The next song Rain starts off with some great gang vocals before some fast paced skate punk is played. The chorus is so catchy and I imagine that this song works so well live. The third song Spoons is a song about spending too much time by yourself and getting lost in your own thoughts. This song is played at a slower pace than the opening two songs, showing some versatility in Forever Unclean's song writing. There is a great breakdown in the middle of the song with some whoa-oh's and some away from the microphone shouting style vocals. This is a great little technique and it all builds up into one big finale. Dead falls more into the pop punk category of punk rock styles. It's the shortest song on the EP but packs a good punch. This is the song on the album perfect for the summer compilations. Dead is about preferring to be on your own and being able to live your own life without worrying about others. Track number five is Animals, which hits you hard and fast from the very beginning. Animals is one of the more political songs on Shred, bringing up Animal Rights. This is clearly an issue very close to the bands heart and the passion in the vocals in unmatched throughout the rest of the EP. Shred is completed by a song named Hangry. By this point you know exactly what you're going to get from the sound of the song, but that is by no means a negative thing. I can happily listen to bands play with this much passion all day. Everyone plays their parts in the band perfectly.

There is not a single bad song on this EP. I'm throwing this out there right now, I don't think I'll discover a new band I love more than Forever Unclean this year. This is perfect punk rock for me, it's energetic, it's passionate, it has good messages and most importantly it makes me feel something. Bravo!

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