Thursday, 2 July 2015

Album Review: Stay Afloat by Spoilers written by Ben Wiles (The 4130s)

I could simply say it's pop-punk but that would be doing Spoilers an injustice; this is more than just a catchy as flu pop-punk record it's a complete genre game-changer. Highlights are the anthem "Punks Don't Die" which the band wrote about one of their best friends and big supporter of the Kent punk scene who recently passed away. The tune leaves you feeling moved by the outstanding writing from Canterbury punk scene veteran Dan Goatham as he delivers his words with passion, emotion and honesty. The single from this record is "Stay Afloat" which is a super fun song that is easily accessible by the masses and would be perfect for the radio. (Check out the video here). Over the years pop-punk has taken many wrong turns and taken on many different meanings but when you see "Stay Afloat" labelled as pop punk please don't think Scuzz/Kerrang kiddie metal kinda stuff, think more the bastard love child of Millencolin crossed with the British accent of a Snuff or Consumed and it's good! It's very fucking good! This record reminds me of summer, full of anthems , full of fun and it's my soundtrack for road trips with my own band and it should be yours too!

Stay Afloat is out now on Boss Tuneage and Brassneck Records.

Or from Spoilers Bandcamp page: 

Written by Ben Wiles from The 4130s 

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