Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Album Review: Tried To Confess/Drowned by Lenin Death March

Lenin Death Mask are a four piece rock band from Aberdeen. After taking a brief hiatus in January they are now touring again and will soon be releasing a brand new 7" record. Back in January they released a double a-side single, I checked it out.

The first song on the double a-side is called Tried To Confess. From the start I think what an interesting sound this band have and it makes me want to listen more. The music has an indie/emo kind of feeling to it, raw jangly guitar tones with a thumping drum beat. There's also a great rawness in the vocals with the singer seemingly getting more and more agitated as the song goes on. There is quite a long musical outro to the song where the band get to really show off their skills before leading into the other song on the release. Named Drowned this song is much more up-tempo than the first. Personally I'd preferred this song, I like that it has more of a pop feeling to it amongst the angsty vocals and emo guitars. I'm a sucker for a good hook. 

This release is a great showcase for what Lenin Death Mask are all about. They have a unique and interesting sound that you don't often hear and it's always good to listen to bands trying something a bit different. Their new 7" will be highly anticipated here at Colins Punk Rock World.

Like Lenin Death Mask here: https://www.facebook.com/LENINDEATHMASK

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