Sunday, 19 July 2015

Album Review: Going Away Party by Going Away Party

Emo and pop punk music is making a massive resurgence in the underground pop punk scene, with UK bands such as Moose Blood and Neck Deep currently on the lips of fans all over the world. The good folks at Disconnect Disconnect Records have just released the debut self titled album from Sloughs Going Away Party. I gave it a spin.

The album starts with a song named Punk Rock Rick. It begins slowly with some standard emo guitars and then the lyrics "I hope someone buys this record cause I'm sick and tired of working for minimum wage." From the very beginning the band shows that this will be a very honest record. The tempo of the song is picked up as the band as the band sing about growing up and realising they weren't really being told the truth about being able to be anything they want to. It Goes On is more of an up-tempo pop punk song with lead singer Perry Hood's vocals leaning towards a raspy style, adding some nice urgency to the track. Drummer Tom Jeffries gets to show off some of his skills during the song with some great drum fills. The third song Stitches falls right into the emo genre. It's a slower song that trundles along nicely and really showcases the bands ability to grab a listeners attention and pull on their heartstrings. The track finishes with a big gang vocal chorus and some good foot stomping chords that a live crowd would love. Go For A Ride is a song about wondering about absent friends and missing the old days, before the dreaded adulthood. Rarely getting to see the friends I was inseparable from as a teenager these days I found the song incredibly relatable.

I love the start of track number five, Knocks & Bruises. Beginning with a big gang vocal moment which I think would make this song great for a set opener before building into a big emo anthem. Perry's voice seems to be at its strongest on the slower tracks, it feels lot more strained and anguished and gives the song a real emotional feel. Quiet Weekend originally featured on the bands  EP Better Days and is the perfect summer pop punk song. There is a good fast tempo from the outset of the track and the vocals are delivered at a quicker pace. The chorus brilliantly catchy and will get you singing along very quickly with your friends on those glorious summer road trips. Stay is more of a rock and roll styled emo song and is about missing your girl. I like the change in vocal styles throughout the song, going from a more held back style to really letting loose, adds a lot of emphasis to the lyrics. I love the lyric about classic 80's film The Breakfast Club - "we can watch the breakfast club, I swear that I hate it but it's growing on me." Wyoming is another song that featured on the band's Better Days EP. On Wyoming Going Away Party again use the technique of restrained and "going for it" vocals that really add great atmosphere to the song. 

The opening chords of the ninth song Pining reminds me of the song Tomorrow by Drive Thru Records pop punks Home Grown. This song feels like one of the most radio friendly songs on the album, a song that could do very well amongst the listeners of mainstream radio as well as in dirty punk clubs throughout the country. It has a bit of an alternative rock edge to the song that will attract a lot of people who wouldn't normally listen to the emo music. Before even hearing the penultimate track Bro's I had an assumption of what the song could be about - friendship. I was right, to be a bit more precise it's about regretting holding a friend back and being proud of the person that they've become. This song is a real ballad, I can imagine it being hugely popular in a small club or a big arena show - it's the sort of song that will work anywhere. Going Way Party is finished with a song named Paper Planes. This is an incredibly tender song featuring only vocals and guitar really grabs the listeners attention and makes you concentrate on everything Perry sings. I love the lyrics " I want to take all your fears and fold them up like paper planes and throw them away." Almost wish someone would sing them to me!

There's not much left to say other than Going Away Party are awesome, Going Away Party is awesome and I look forward to seeing them explode!

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