Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Album Review: Imposter by The Grool Brothers

Spending a little time scrolling through Bandcamp can bring up some wonderful discoveries. This morning I was looking through a someone’s collection on the website and came across a band I'd never heard of before named The Grool Brothers. I clicked the play button and quickly got excited. This is the exact punk sound that I love. It's melodic punk rock with loads of hooks, wonderful shout along vocals and a beautiful feeling of chaos. After a little bit of research, I discovered that The Grool Brothers are a four piece from Indiana and Chicago who released their most recent EP in September of last year. It's named Imposter and here's my review of it.

The EP begins with its title track, Imposter. Blimey, this hooked me quickly. Starting out with a big chorus and some gang vocals, I immediately want to be involved in the song. There's so much infectious energy here, I can't imagine anyone not enjoying it. The song is about that person in a community who only takes and doesn't give anything back. We all know this kind of person and they're a very frustrating person to know. The Grool Brothers really do the best job of portraying that emotion in the song. Following Imposter is the song Missing Out. There's so much going on in this track and I love it. It's got that equal parts melody and chaos style that I love. After a pretty lengthy introduction, the gang vocals again get the song off to a massive start. If you can listen to this and not feel the urge to throw your fists in the air then I offer you a salute. I love the part of the track when the vocalist sounds as if they are standing slightly further back from their microphone. The quieter moment makes you really listen hard to what's going on and before long we're right back at the full shout along blast that I'm really loving a lot. The third and, sadly, final song on the EP is Hard Fade. Hard Fade actually begins with more of a pop style than the other two tracks on Imposter. It soon grows and gets gruffer as the song progresses. It's slower as well, giving the song a more serious tone. This builds towards the amazing gang vocals and a big chorus that will get your blood pumping but also have you really thinking about the meaning of the song. It's about remembering to hold on to and enjoy what you've got as it won't last forever.

That last sentiment is a bit of a metaphor for the entire EP. I loved it whilst it was on but it's just too short! I want more and more of this as I enjoyed it so, so much. All three songs really hooked me in, so much so that it's pretty impossible to pick a favourite track. If you're looking for a new band to really get behind in 2020 I seriously suggest you check out The Grool Brothers.

This review was written by Colin Clark.

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