Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Album Review: Make Arcade Great Again by Krang (by Theo Martin-Herbert)

20 minutes of catchy, political pop-punk greets you on this fantastic release by Krang, Make Arcade Great Again. It never slows down and keeps you hooked track after track.

The opening track 'Time Is Ticking' introduces the incredibly able mix of fast punk and anthemic touches that permeate the entire release. Lyrics stay in your head days after and help the band get their ideals across. Tracks like 'Melt All The Guns' hit particularly hard and stick around thanks to the sweetness of the melodies they use, never outstaying their welcome.

The production matches the proficiency in the songwriting, super crisp and punchy with some excellent full guitar tones that never lose their clarity. It's an absolute delight to take in along with the vocals that sit so well in the mix. As a bit of a tone nerd, I definitely took down some notes from this one and helped turn this into a frequent listen for me. If you're a fan of a great modern pop-punk sound with more to offer idealistically, check this one out as soon as possible. It's short, sweet and intelligent – all things worth your time.

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This review was written by Theo Martin-Herbert.

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  1. The album is great and listens well. The boys from Wallachia are perfect.