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Fantastic Records Labels.

For small underground bands a massive part of what keeps them going in terms of being able to putting out new music is people buying current music from them whether it be on a physical format such as CD or vinyl or a digital service such as iTunes or Bandcamp. When it comes to selling their music the majority of bands need support from record labels. Since the birth of the internet and file sharing it has become harder and harder for record labels to make a profit but throughout the UK there are still loads of labels still putting out great new music. Most of these labels will never make much of a profit if any at all, they do it because it’s what they love. Here I take a look at a small selection of these labels.

13 Stitches
13 Stitches Records is a label from Brighton founded by Demon Smiles drummer Steve Todd. The label was put together as a way for Steve to help bands that he loves put out physical releases. 13 Stitches has put out music by bands such as Mϋg, Demon Smiles and Dropthis.

176 Records
176 Records is a small label run out of London that also puts on gig. It has put on gigs for bands such as ONSIND and The Dauntless Elite and music by Losing Sleep and WEGROWBEARDS

Aaahh!! Real Records
Aaahh!! Real Records is a label from Cambridge and is passionate about the DIY punk philosophy. They put out records from A Great Notion, Bandit  The Panther as well as American Rapper MC Lars and have previously released music from Random Hand, Ducking Punches and Bad Ideas.

Bombed Out
Bombed Out Records is based in Leeds and Harrogate which released it’s first record in 1998. Since its formation it has released music from The Daunteless Elite, Wooderson and Joe Ninety.

Bomber Music
Starting out as a music publisher before becoming a label, Bomber Music is a label from London that releases music from all sorts of music genre’s including ska, punk, rock and psychobilly. They have released music from the cream of the UK’s underground talent such as Random Hand, The Skints, Smokey Bastard, New Town Kings, Great Cynics and The Roughneck Riot.

Cats? Aye! Records
Cats? Aye! Records is a label run from Leeds and Southampton. So far they have put out music from Leagues Apart, Break Ups, Young Attenboroughs and a split from members of the Survival Tour – Roo Pescod (Bangers), Giles Bidder (Great Cynics) and Kelly Kemp.

Disconnect Disconnect Records
Disconnect Disconnect Records is a label from London that focuses on releasing music from independent punk bands from the UK and worldwide. So far they have released music from Bottler, Home Advantage, Mike Scott and Counterpunch.

Do The Dog
Do The Dog music is a distribution company that specialises in ska music. It has released music from bands such as Smoke Like A Fish, Cartoon Violence and Three Minute Warning.

Everything Sucks Music
After starting out as a gig promoter Everything Sucks music was founded in 2012 and put out its first release in early 2013. Since then they have put out music from Bear Trade, Losing Sleep and The Exhausts.

Household Name Records
Household Name records was founded in 1996 in London. They have put out some of the best releases in UK punk since then including Civil Disobedients by Capdown and Call Of The Weasel Clan by Lightyear. More recently they put out the amazing debut albums from Apologies I Have None and Great Cynics.

Lockjaw Records
Lockjaw Records is an independently run label specialising in punk and hardcore music. Current bands on their label include Drones, Fighting Fiction, Ducking Punches and Sweet Empire.

Make That A Take
Make-That-A-Take Records is a small collective that put on punk shows and release records from the East coast of Scotland. They are anti sexist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic and anti-fascist. Make-That-A-Take have released music by Joey Terrifying, Loaded 45, Tragical History Tour as well as a compilation series named Make Yer Own Comp featuring the cream of the UK punk scene.

Ska Mutiny
Ska Mutiny Records is a record label from Leeds that specialises in Ska Punk. They mantra of the label is that they would rather fans hear the bands for free rather than never hear them at all. They have put out records from Eat Defeat, Do It With Malice andThe Fractions as well as a whole host of compilations.

Specialist Subject
Specialist Subject Records is a label and distribution service run out of Exeter. Oneof the biggest success stories on this list, they have put out some great records from the likes of Bangers, Sam Russo, Muncie Girls and Martha.

Team Beard
Team Beard is a non-profit DIY independent label who release music and put on shows based throughout the UK. Their roster of bands includes Question The Mark and The Doublecross


That’s Not Skanking (TNS) is a label based in Manchester that was founded in 2003. They are big believers in their bands coming together and helping each other out. It’s a community and not a competition. Bands who have put out music via TNS include Faintest Idea, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, Officer Down and Wonk Unit.

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