Sunday, 10 August 2014

Album Review: It's Always Sunny In Yorkshire by Eat Defeat

Eat Defeat are a fast and fun skate punk band from Yorkshire. In 2012 they released their fantastic debut album Challenges, which includes the brilliant song Faithbreaker. I actually got mine for free because I sent them a funny clip from Cheers on their Facebook page. On July 24th the released a new EP titled It’s Always Sunny In Yorkshire, here’s what I think of it.

The first thing I loved about the EP is the title, partly because I love the sitcom It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia but also because it gives a good indication of what to expect. It’s Always Sunny in Yorkshire is a three song EP about being positive despite all of the bad things that happen in your life.

The opening track Thundergun Express kicks off with a simple guitar rife and some rapid fire drum blasts before lead singer Summers begins to tell a story about struggling to fit in to the world but eventually learning from this and finding your own place to call home. I like the lyrics “don’t let this one horse town, break you and bring you down.” It’s a great line about staying strong when everything around you is going against you.

Track two Luck Is For Losers is the stand out track out of the three. The song is about not dwelling on bad times and staying strong regardless. The chorus of “so shout it loud I won’t back down, when times are tough and you feel you’re not good enough, just shout it out I won’t back down” can serve as advice for anyone who is down on their luck and encourage them to hang in there. Two thirds of the way into the song Eat Defeat break it down and are joined by Barney Boom of Manchester punks Sonic Boom Six. He raps a verse telling the listener to follow their own path and things will work out in the end. Fantastic song.

The final track on the EP is named Survival Mode and is the most aggressive sounding of the three. The main theme of the song is taking control of your life and changing what you don’t like. There are some great harmonies on this track with everyone getting involved in the singing. This song is the perfect choice for ending the EP as it sums up its message perfectly. Don’t let the bad times get to you, it could always be worse.

Listen to the EP here: (and buy it for £2, bargain!)

Now listening to Luck Is For Losers by Eat Defeat

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