Thursday, 21 August 2014

Album Review: Face The World by The Octopussys

As I have said previously compilation albums are a great way to discover new bands. This past week I found a Belgian pop punk band named The Octopussys. The little biography on their Bandcamp page describes them as “the perfect soundtrack for a summer feeling with great riffs and melodies that have an instant sing-along character in a bunch of great punk rock songs.” I reviewed 2011’s Face The World to find out.

Opening with the song Tonight, The Octopussys get the album going exactly how you would expect a pop punk band to with a fun fast paced song about forgetting your troubles and living life for the moment. This is followed by Distant Memories which as an Ataris So Long Astoria feel to it. Clean sounding vocals over some crunching guitars and pounding drums.

Track three, Summers Gone is a song with a metaphor. Throughout the song Thibaut Hox sings about summer ending when what he really seems to be talking about is the breakup of a relationship. The opening of track four Hear Me Out really caught my attention with an interesting drum intro before really giving it some beans with the whole band. It’s about realising your mistakes in a relationship and not giving up on it.

Good Guys also has a really interesting beginning using a technique that makes the guitars sound as if they are underwater before coming into some great punchy guitar riffs. This is another song about girls (I’m sensing a theme) and why nice guys always finish last and how frustrating it is. Title track Face The World comes next. It’s a great positive song about not hiding away from your problems and facing them head on.

Moving On is the next song  is about that friend that everyone has, the one who is only around when they want help. It’s an interesting subject for a song and one that I’ve not heard much of before. This is followed by Break Me Free which starts with a great drum roll before going back to the subject of girls. This time they talk about giving a failed relationship another chance and it still not working out.

Song number 9 is called Stuck and is played at a slower temp though the singing sounds more urgent. It’s about being stuck in a boring relationship, missing the days when everything was exciting and the realisation that nothing has changed but the relationship has run its course.

The tenth song Never Looks back offers a break from songs about girls (not really). This punchy pop punk number is about leaving home and going after your dreams. Face The World finishes with This Moment. This song starts off acoustic telling a heartfelt song about being in love with someone that you know is bad for you. The musical section begins a slow build with added electric guitar, the bass before the drums kick in for a full on punk rock assault.

Face The World is a decent album and is crammed with good songs. The Octopussys are clearly influenced by 90’s punk rock such as Ten Foot Pole and No Use For A Name and this influence mixed with a modern flair creates a very good sound. My one complaint about the whole album is the amount of songs about girls. Don’t get me wrong, they are fantastic songs but I’d like a bit more variation in the topics. 

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