Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Album Review: Deluded Grandeur by Gareth James

It's not very often that we review two releases from the same artist in the same year. It's not that often that an artist would do two separate releases in the same year. Second In Line's Gareth James has done just that though so we are reviewing it. On the heels of his debut acoustic EP Just Lately comes Deluded Grandeur. We enjoyed Just Lately so expected good things from Deluded Grandeur. Let's check it out.

The first of the three songs on the EP is named Feed The Greed, Nah! Eat The Rich. What struck me immediately was the urgency that comes from Gareth's acoustic guitar. It hooked me in and made me very keen to see how the song progressed. The gravelly tones in Gareth's vocals are right up my street, they sound impassioned and make me believe he really cares about what he's singing about. With its upbeat, pacey melody and big chorus, this is exactly how I enjoy my acoustic punk. I would imagine that the second track, Deluded Grandeur #23, is a very special one for Gareth. This is because his son Jack appears to provide some back vocals. This is a less urgent, softer track that questions why we procrastinate on things and don't just get things done. The highlight is, of course, the chorus where Jack joins Gareth to provide some sweet harmonies. The third and final song is named There For You. The opening of the song is massive, with Gareth's vocals really shining over the quiet guitar. Live, this is likely to get some attention from those annoying folks making a lot of noise at the bar. This whole song is just crying out for a massive sing-along, the way Gareth sings as well as the massive hooks spread throughout the song, is just screaming "sing this with me now!" The best choice to finish the EP.

Deluded Grandeur again showcases the more thoughtful and softer side of Gareth James – not something you often get to witness with Second In Line. Clearly a talented songwriter and musician, I'm really enjoying this acoustic side project he is throwing himself into.

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This review was written by Colin Clark.

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