Monday, 30 July 2018

Album Review: Woof by Forever Unclean (by Dan Peters)

Float sits proudly around the top of my at home vinyl collection. The Copenhagen based gruff pop punks in Forever Unclean created one of the best independent EPs of 2017 and now we’ve been graced with Woof, a new 5 track record for our listening pleasure. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

I didn’t go into Woof expecting a vast maturation of the band given that they only dropped a belter on us last year but against my expectations the band crafted something crisper and more polished than everything that’s come before it, while retaining every ounce of fun and energy that has so endeared them to the CPRW crew before. This shows to me a band that is on a steep upwards gradient in terms of talent and ability and, if they haven’t been on your radar before, get some Forever Unclean in your ears and prepare yourselves for a treat.

If you know Forever Unclean then as soon as opener Sleep hits you’ll know what you’re getting from the outset. For the uninitiated, expect finely crafted tunes, with requisite breakdowns, plenty of woahs and fun time gang vocals throughout. I find it hard to imagine a person alive listening to this without having a smile one their face. Songs like Words are infinitely enjoyable and it works well as a standalone single but more so as part of the whole that is Woof.

Everything about Forever Unclean is charming and filled with positive energy. It feels like every song is jumping out at me through my headphones. I can only imagine that they are an incredible live act if they manage to fit this much feeling into an audio recording. That’s something I’d like to confirm pretty soon given half a chance.

Woof is a stellar entry into what is growing to be one of the best skate/pop punk discographies going right now. Gruff vocals, tuneful riffs, good time breakdowns and charismatic choruses abound in the brief time you’ll spend listening to this band. 11 minutes out of your day that will be incredibly well spent.

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This review was written by Dan Peters.

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