Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Album Review: Losing My Cool by Wayfairer

It doesn't seem so long ago that we were reviewing Wayfairer's debut EP, Drifting. Well just eight months later Wayfairer has released his second EP named Losing My Cool, which features five brand new tracks of acoustic punk goodness.

Losing My Cool begins with a song named Hollow Grave. We are greeted with a nice, welcoming guitar intro that eases you into the song. There is an upbeat feeling to Hollow Grave, despite the track being quite sad lyrically. Hollow Grave is about being angry and jaded at the world and wanting to be swallowed up by it to feel some comfort. This opening track explains why the EP was named Losing My Cool. Despite being a solo act, I enjoyed the addition of the second guitar on the track as it adds a fantastic extra layer to the song. Up next is Tentative. This song starts in quite a tentative manner with some simple guitar chords and some muffled vocals. I really love Wayfairer's vocals on this EP. I'm reminded of Matt Skiba, if Matt Skiba had a British accent. After the slow start, the song comes to life with some faster guitar and some excellent and passionate vocals that make you want to care about every word that Wayfairer sings. The third song on the EP is titled Dance. The Alkaline Trio influence is really evident here with some dark imagery including talk of demons. The track is about tackling those demons head on and finding your true self. I particularly liked the line "I Evaporate In A Puddle Of Empathy." This is a great metaphor. The penultimate song on Losing My Cool is Anchors Away. Anchors Away begins with a fast paced acoustic guitar that creates a massive amount of urgency. Wayfairer's vocals come in and travel along at the same fast pace. This is the first song on the EP that really has me moving. For an acoustic track to get me moving is an impressive feat. There is a feeling of anger in the song and you get the impression that he's really letting off some steam on Anchors Away. It's a great song. To finish the EP off we have the song Last Train. After the in-your-face manor of Anchors Away, things are slowed down and we hear a more tender side to the Wayfairer sound. As the song begins I found myself instantly drawn into the song. He paints a perfect picture of the setting of the track with the line "The Sun That Sets, Is The Colour Of Crimson." In my head I'm imagining Wayfairer sat at a train station waiting for the last train during a sunset with people walking past while he contemplates life. I love a song that can take me away and create stories in my mind.

Losing My Cool is a great release from a real up and comer from London's underground punk scene. To have released two fantastic EPs in less than year shows a real skill for songwriting and a fantastic work ethic. There is an honest and endearing quality about the songs that you can't ignore along with some completely spellbinding lyrics. Wayfairer is no doubt an act you should be keeping an eye on.

Stream and download Losing My Cool here: https://wayfairer.bandcamp.com/album/losing-my-cool

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This review was written by Colin Clark.