Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Album Review: Heartbreak, Radio, Cars And Rain by Mixtape Saints (by Emma Prew)

Formally a solo acoustic endeavour from Sam Moloney, Mixtape Saints are a four-piece fully rocking soulful punk band from the Midlands. I first discovered them when they were added quite last minute to the South East Fest line-up in February of this year. Their live performance had me hooked throughout and I know for a fact that I turned to Colin after they had finished and said ‘This is my sort of band’.

Their live performance was a full band affair but most of what was recorded and released online, at the time, was stripped back and acoustic. I have nothing against this – acoustic is great! – but it wasn’t quite the same as the Mixtape Saints that I saw live. And so, cue the release of Heartbreak, Radio, Cars And Rain, a full band single that is due to be released on 18th August, by Disconnect Disconnect Records, ahead of their contribution to a split with Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves, a punk band from North Carolina.

Kicking off with a speedy little drum roll, Heartbreak, Radio, Cars And Rain wastes no time in getting started. The guitars are wonderfully melodic and very pleasing to the ear – my ears especially – and the song feels suitably up beat from the outset. The pace slows a little when the vocals come in for the first verse but by the chorus you’re sure to be nodding your head, humming along and singing the woah-ohs before too long. It would be easy for me to fill my review with Gaslight Anthem comparisons, the similarities in sound are there – but I’m not going to say more than that. The chorus actually reminds me far more of fellow British counterpart Sam Russo than the New Jersey four-piece. It is just an excellent song to be honest.

The single also features a bonus acoustic version of Heartbreak, Radio, Cars And Rain which is, of course, also pretty excellent. It feels more heartfelt in this format and, as Sam’s vocals are clearer, it’s easier to connect to each and every word that he sings. ‘I know you’re feeling desperate because I’m desperate too most days.’

I can’t wait to hear what’s next from Mixtape Saints as this single song sets the bar high.

You can find Mixtape Saints on Facebook here and Heartbreak, Radio, Cars And Rain will be available to download and stream from all the usual digital music outlets from 18th August.

This review was written by Emma Prew.