Thursday, 1 January 2015

Album Review: Heavy Disco by The Bennies

The Bennies were definitely one of my favourite discoveries of 2014. Their album Rainbows In Space was on constant rotation on my iPod for months since I first heard it. Late last year these Melbourne boys released a brand new EP titled Heavy Disco. I thought it would be apt to make it my first review of 2015.

Heavy Disco starts out with a song with the same name and instantly displays what I loved about The Bennies when I first heard them. Expertly mixing a sense of fun and urgency it’s a pounding track that never relents throughout the song. The use of the synthesizer combined with some thrashing guitar will really get the dance floor moving and lead singer Anty’s vocal delivery will get everyone excited. All of this added with a great chorus makes the EP get off to a banging start. The second song Stay Free has more of a ska feel to it and is perfect for those days in the summer when you just spend your evenings outside relaxing. It’s one of the bands more accomplished songs to date, it takes the listener on a series of highs and lows in equal measure. The fun summer vibes continue in Party Whirlwind. The lyrics “Looking For Some Action, Looking For A Party, Looking For Some Action, Where’s The Fucking Party” sum up what The Bennies are all about – living life to the fullest and having as much fun as possible. The song is fast and frenzied and full of catchy lyrics and hooks. I can’t wait to have a good skank to this classic. The need to have a skank grows in What’s Your Fuckin’ Problem? This bass heavy track again takes you on some highs and lows as it starts off with an upbeat ska sound, then takes things down with a midsection that will have you nodding your head and swaying to the beat before a punk rock assault completes the ride. Heavy Disco finishes with Green-mix City. I really enjoyed the use of the traditional ska sound throughout the track, it adds another bow to The Bennies already long list of musical styles that they effortlessly add to their sound. This is the perfect song to relax to after a long hard day and a fantastic closer for the EP.

After I reviewed Rainbows In Space I said that I really wanted to see The Bennies live. Music like this is great recorded but the best way for it to be fully enjoyed is live in a small room with a bunch of sweaty strangers who are about to become your best friends. Heavy Disco has cemented that view for me and I really really hope they can find a way to come over to the UK in 2015. Check out The Bennies!

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