Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Euro Punk (Part Two)

Here is the second part of my research into some of the great punk rock bands based in mainland Europe.

The Helltons (France)
The Helltons are a pop punk band from Bordeaux in France who formed in 2006. They play high octane snotty melodic pop punk and have released albums on labels such as Round Dog Records, Slow Death and Monster Zero. Their last release was a fantastic EP named Dead Wrong. Check out the songs We’re Dead and Socially Retarded.

Hogwash (France)
Hogwash are a punk rock band from Paris who formed in 2002. This year they have a new LP named Rainmaker being released on London’s Disconnect Disconnect Records and are doing a UK tour to go along with the release. Influenced by the 90s international punk scene they play fast and melodic music with some fantastic three part harmonies. Check out Cutting Cirlces and Samurai.

The Hormones (Spain)
The Hormones are a pop punk band from Oviedo in Spain. Playing fast and direct like their heroes The Ramones and The Riverdales. This is punk rock at its simplistic best, three chords and minute and a half songs. Check out Nerd Days and Little Jeannie.

Idle Class (Germany)
Idle Class are a German five piece punk rock band who formed in 2011. Influenced by the likes of The Menzingers, Red City Radio and Polar Bear Club, Idle Class write hook filled songs with massive fist in the air choruses. Check out the songs Han Shot First and The Essence Of Every Fight.

Irish Handcuffs (Germany)
Irish Handcuffs are a punk band from Germany. Since forming in 2011 they have put music on a number of different labels including Shield Recordings and Fond of Life Records. They play melodic punk rock complete with fantastic harmonies. Check out Singing To The Dead and Road Ahead from the album Hits Close To Home.

Maladroit (France)
Maladroit are a pop punk band from Paris. After forming almost like a joke they have played more than 100 shows . Playing simple three chord pop punk their songs as wonderfully catchy as they sing about bad experiences with girls, life on tour and the DIY punk rock scene. Their 2014 album Old & Poor is a pop punk masterpiece, check out the songs She Spent Valentine’s Day On Her iPhone and Mila Kunis (Will You Be My Plus One).

Malemute Kid (Italy)
Malemute Kid are a band from Torino in Italy who play straight forward punk rock music. To me this sounds like The Menzingers meeting up with Screeching Weasel, it might sound like an odd combination but it sounds absolutely brilliant. Check out Don’t Talk The Scene and Token.

The Manges (Italy)
The Manges are an Italian pop punk band who formed in 1993. They have close ties with legendary American pop punk band The Queers having gone on a European tour with them. Like The Queers they sound like a cross between The Ramones and The Beach Boys by playing simple fast three chord pop punk and having a whole load of harmonies. In 2014 they released the album All Is Well, check out Plan Honolulu and Don’t Bet On Me.

The Mugwumps (Austria)
The Mugwumps are a three piece pop punk from Austria. Like all of the best pop punk bands The Ramones are huge influences on this band. They have released two albums titled Banana Brain and Mutation In The Family. Check out the songs Your Kids and We Hate Your Club.

Neon Bone (Germany)
Neon Bone are a pop punk band from Germany. The pop punk is full of hooks and melodies and will have you singing along in no time at all. As band they are incredibly prolific when it comes to releasing music having put out seven different records since 2012. All of them are fantastic quality. Check out Laika and Will You Be There Tonight.

The Octopussys (Belgium)
The Octopussys are a melodic punk band from Belgium influenced by the Epi-Fat era of punk rock bands such as No Use For A Name, Lagwagon and Pulley. Since forming in 2005 they have played over 250 shows with the like of Refused, A Wilhelm Scream and Flogging Molly. Check out the songs Tonight and Summers Gone.

Pipes and Pints (Czech Republic)
Pipes and Pints are a band from the Czech Republic who formed in 2006. Mixing fast and furious street punk with highland bagpipes similar to Dropkick Murphys and The Real McKenzies. This is music that makes you want to sing along with the band with a fist in the air and a smile on your face. Check out City By The Sea and All I Know.

PO Box (France)
PO Box are a ska punk band from France. Since six piece formed in 2001 and have consistently put out fantastic music ever since. Playing ska punk anthems packed with socially conscious lyrics PO Box will have you skanking and thinking in equal measure. For fans of Big D &The Kids Table and The JB Conspiracy. Check out Look What You Have Done and On How To Light A Fire.

The Priceduifkes (Belgium)
The Priceduifkes are a Belgian pop punk band. Fast catchy and fun The Priceduifkes have been putting out great pop punk records since 2003. Ricky D’s snotty vocal is often used to carry the melody of the songs which are played at a great pace. Check out the songs Captain, We’re Drinking and Stuck.

Public Domain (Austra)
Public Domain are hardcore punk band from Austria who recently toured with Gnarwolves. This is fast and aggressive music made for live shows. The songs are all about positivity and skateboarding (possibly not in that order).  Lots of bands play this style of punk rock but few do it as well as Public Domain. Check out Line Of Lights and Know My Limits.

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