Thursday, 19 February 2015

Euro Punk (Part Three)

Here is the third and final part of my look at the finest punk bands from mainland Europe.

The Real Danger (Holland)
The Real Danger are a pop punk band from Holland. Why these guys aren’t massive in the world of pop punk is beyond me. They play some fast up tempo punk music which is perfect for some summer nights hanging out with your friends. Check out One Thing and Goodbye For Now.

Rebuke (Sweden)
Rebuke are a hardcore punk band from Gothenburg in Sweden who formed in 2003. Writing songs about a mix of politics and personal issues these guys have toured all over Europe. The songs are smart enough to make you think as well as being catchy enough to get everyone singing along. Check out Fear Of Falling and Black Screen, Eyes.

Riccobellis (Italy)
Riccobellis are a pop punk band from Italy who are heavily influenced by The Ramones. They formed in 2009 and have since put out a number of releases on labels such as Monster Zero, SP Records and One Chord Wonder. Check out Booze-Up With Dee Dee Ramone and I Created A Monster.

Rivershores (Germany)
Rivershores are a punk rock band from Germany. They have just put out an excellent new EP on Uncle M in Germany and Shield Recordings in Holland named Fuck It Dude, Let’s Get Wasted. It features six tracks off fantastic punk rock for fans of Apologies, I Have None and Off With Their Heads. Check out Die Laughing Instead and A Cynics Smile.

Smile and Burn (Germany)
Smile and Burn are a pop punk band form Berlin, Germany. Since coming together in December 2008 they have put out a number of high quality releases. The most recent Action Action features twelve excellently crafted pop punk gems. For fans of New Found Glory and Broadway Calls. Check out Pure Heroin and Nightcaps.

Sons Of Buddha (France)
Sons Of Buddha are a pop punk threesome from France featuring members of UncommonMenFromMars, The Pookies and Cannibal Mosquitos. They play some catchy, fun punk music that will have you grinning from ear to ear. Check out Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance To The Radio and Floriane’s Leather Jacket.

Sweet Empire (Holland)
Sweet Empire are a punk band from Holland inspired by the Fat Wreck and Epitaph bands from the 90’s. After forming in 2008 they came together to write fun and melodic songs that are also spread a serious message. The band write songs about animal rights, religion, the environment and politics. Check out Unsolving Problems (In The Animal Kingdom) and Pro-Life vs. Pro Choice.

Take Me To The Hospital are a Polish pop punk band. Mixing the pop punk styling’s of New Found Glory with the hardcore screams of A Day To Remember this five piece play the music that they love and put everything into it.

Teenage Bubblegums are a three piece Ramonescore band from Italy. Wearing only black they play fast, pop punk songs about love. Their latest album Learn From Yesterday, Live For Today, Pray For Tomorrow was released in 2012 on Monster Zero Records and features the songs You, My Love and Night At The Movies.

Not to be confused with Teenage Bubblegums are another Italian pop punk band named Teenage Gluesniffers. These guys play a slower version of the genre which is full of catchy hooks and harmonies quite similar to the Zatopeks. Check out Notes Of A Thirsty Young Man and Back From Pasalacqua from 2014s Frames.

Versus You (Luxemburg)
Luxemburg was the last place I expected to discover a punk rock band. Versus You have been a band since 2005 and during that time they have played with some of the most legendary punk bands of the modern era including NOFX, No Use For A Name and Jimmy Eat World. Check out If The Camel Dies, We Die and On The Town.

Wank For Peace (France)
Wank For Peace are a melodic punk band from France. Despite their hilarious moniker these five guys are very active politically. Last year’s album Fail Forward was one of my top ten of the year and is full of passionate and thoughtful punk rock music. I also had the pleasure of seeing them live and was completely blown away. Check out the songs Twelve Cheese Sticks and Was That What You Expected Kid?

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