Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Album Review: The Free-P by Millie Manders

Millie Manders is a lady the world needs to hear. Since going solo in 2012 her solo career has gone from strength to strength and this year she released a brand new EP titled The Free-P. Here is what I thought of it.

The opening track Hole In Your Chest starts out with a distinctive summer vibe with a playful ukulele doubled up with a bouncy bass line. The strength of Manders voice is abundant as soon as she sings the opening words and I’m instantly reminded of Dirty Revolutions Reb Elle, which is high praise indeed. It’s hard not to smile at this song and is perfect for distracting from those miserable February nights and transports you to those fun filled summer nights at the beach. The next track Sick see’s Manders voice go down a more serious path. The song is about people who throwaway the right to choose and then complain about it.

The music remains fun and bouncy but Manders voice shows off some real punk rock angst. Little Big Mouth is an instant skanker. Channelling Madness this will get everybody’s knees up for a good dance. Without ever reinventing the ska wheel the song manages to sound fresh and unique. Here Millie Manders displays some wonderful song writing ability as she laments the ladies of the Saturday nights. The one’s who go out wearing next to nothing, act like the queen bee and generally mouth off to everyone. The final song, Mr Stupid has a darker punk rock/blues feel. Manders vocal swaps between and quick fire almost rap like delivery and a cleaner pop style before some punk rock aggression to finish the EP off with a flourish.

The Free-P really is breath of fresh air. Millie Manders blows away any of the popular drivel that is forced into our ears by the mainstream music industry. She not only has fun, danceable upbeat pop songs but they also contain smart messages and lyrics. Millie Manders deserves your attention.

Stream and buy The Free-P here: https://milliemanders.bandcamp.com/album/the-free-p

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