Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Album Review: The Pink Couch EP by Uniforms

Some sad news filtered down from Scotland this week, Scottish punks Uniforms announced they would be splitting up with immediate effect. Happily they did leave us with one last EP before they sail off into the sunset. With a heave heart I checked out Pink Couch.

Three Two opens up in the EP in great style. This song is all about the struggles of life on the road and drinking too much to get through it. Beginning with just vocals and guitars there is a sense of urgency before the whole bands kicks in to create a driven punk rock sound. All of the instruments are given a chance to shine throughout the track, displaying some fine musicianship from the whole band. The second song Kathleen Hanna Turned Heel is a melodic punk rock banger. I loved the way the vocals are used to carry the melody of the song, really makes the listener want to sing along with the band. White Flag is the poppiest song on the album. Played at a noticeably faster pace than the opening two songs White Flag as a hugely catchy chorus of “I Don’t Wanna Try, I Don’t Wanna Try, White Flag Is Raised Up So High, I Don’t Wanna Try, I Don’t Wanna Try, I’ve Given Up, This Is Goodbye.” I always think a mark of a great song is if you can imagine it played live when you listen to it and how all the different parts might work. White Flag definitely has that quality, it feels like a big curtain closer to a Uniforms set. The fourth song Pink Couch was the stand out song on the EP after my first listen. The track starts out with a rumbling bass line before everyone joins in to create a great melodic feel. This song is played at a mid-tempo pace and a lot of emphasis is placed on the vocals. The song is full of smart lyrics about having someone to talk with to get things that are troubling you off of your mind. Brilliant song. The EP finishes with the song I Won’t Forget You. The song feels like a goodbye to the Uniforms fans for all the dedication they’ve shown over the years. The song starts out slowly before blasting into life and becoming another punk rock banger.

It really is such a huge shame that Uniforms have decided to break up, They were an immensely talented band. The Pink Couch EP is a fitting way to end it all though and is a fantastically strong release packed with heartfelt, smart and catchy punk rock. Good luck to these boys in whatever they do in the future.

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