Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Album Review: Second Wind by Edgarville

Second Wind is the second release of acoustic/emo/punk duo Edgarville. Following hot on the heels of January's excellent debut release of Fingerprints & Handwriting, it shows Edgarville haven't been resting on their laurels to have another release out so soon.

Second Wind begins with the song Srsly. After a jangly guitar opening, vocalist Ed Hall's deep, booming voice hits you like a hammer. He has one of those voices that you can't help but listen to - it catches your attention immediately. The track is about learning that as you grow up all of the insecurities you had don't actually matter. There is a great fist in the air sing-a-long quality in the song that really makes me think of hearing the song played live with a crowd of people singing along. Up next is the song Titled. The whole sound of this song is a lot softer than on the previous, showing a different side of Edgarville. I loved the musicianship on Titled. Ed Hall has some serious talent with a guitar. There sounds like there are multiple guitar tracks on the song which makes me very intrigued to see how it would be performed live. There is a nice musical interlude between the first and second verse that just has to be heard. Titled is about not being bitter about friends having success and how it's easy to blame others for things not going the way you want. The final song on Second Wind is named Iron. Iron is just a fantastic song about it being okay to be nice to people. Such a simple concept that is often forgotten. There is much more of a full band feel to Iron that again gives it a different sound to the other two tracks on Second Wind. When you think of the top emo band in the UK at the moment you think of Moose Blood. Iron is better than anything that band have ever written and should help propel Edgarville up another level .

Not many bands manage to have two releases in a year let alone two great ones. Edgarville managed that and deserve your attention. They are a fantastic band sonically and when they are performing live.

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