Thursday, 20 October 2016

Album Review: Besides by The Burnt Tapes

London via Athens gruff punk rockers The Burnt Tapes have just released a short b-sides EP named Besides. Containing three songs that were written and recorded over the past year for different compilations and projects that didn't come off, the band deciding to release it as a stop gap before they release a new EP.

First up is a song named Go Drunk, You’re Home. This is a slow paced song that really focuses on the big sing-along moments rather than being a whirlwind of a punk song. It's a song about feeling like you're being left behind in life and making sure you have a lot of great memories. I really enjoyed the use of two different vocalists on the song - more bands should use multiple vocalists especially in music like this. It does give the feeling of inclusiveness that all punks love. Of course there are also some "woah-oh" harmonies thrown in towards the end of the song, as you would expect from the best sing-along punk rock music. Next up is the track South To Motherboy. The song starts out a little slow with a short and quiet guitar riff acting almost as a siren, warning that something big is about to happen. The pace is certainly upped here showing a different side to The Burnt Tapes. The upped-pace gives a sense of urgency to go along with lead singer Phil's raspy, strained vocal. South To Motherboy is a song about not wanting to let somebody down and also not being able to let them leave your life. This is a bit of a heart-on-your-sleeve track with Phil really singing with a lot of passion. Finally we have Adrenochrome Heights. This song originally appeared on a Struck Dum Records comp earlier in the year. The tone on Adrenochrome Heights feels much darker than on the previous two tracks. There is also a lot more focus on the guitar work, with Phil and Pan having some great duelling riffs throughout. Phil's vocals are really pushed to the limit here, really portraying so much emotion that really gets you invested into the song.

The Burnt Tapes are one of the very best up and coming punk bands in the UK. Playing shows all over the UK, as well as the odd tour of Europe, they are picking up more and more fans all of the time. This EP showcases the band’s continuing growth as musicians and songwriters and should help tide over fans of the band who are eagerly awaiting a brand new EP of new material.

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