Friday, 14 October 2016

Album Review: Geezers by The Wonder Beers

You might be able to guess what punk rockers The Wonder Beers are all about. The band from Kingston Upon Thames love writing songs about drinking beers, eating kebabs and partying. In July they released their new album Geezers on Lockjaw Records.

Normally when I review an album I like to talk about each song individually and look into what they are about. That's not something that I really feel the need to do on Geezers. Like I said in the introduction, every song on Geezers is about going out, getting drunk and having a great time with your mates. If you're looking for an album that you hope will change the world politically, then this definitely isn't an album for you. If you're looking for an album full of party punk hits that will leave you smiling, then Geezers definitely is an album for you.

Party Punk is the best way to describe The Wonder Beers sound. Each of the eleven songs on Geezers is a big punk rock anthem designed to get everyone listening shouting along with the band. Musically there is a big feel of the UK's 1980's Oi! movement in the sound – bands like Cock Sparrer, The Business and The Cockney Rejects. This is working class punk rock at its finest.

I feel like The Wonder Beers were formed by a group of friends at the pub who love punk rock music that wanted to make a band with the intention of having as much fun as they possibly can. This certainly comes across on Geezers.

Like I said, this album is a ridiculous amount of fun. In all honesty I thought I would be put off of the album because it is all about drinking. I don't drink at all, so I wondered how I would relate to any of it. I relate because I like music that is fun. Geezers is fun. Sometimes musicians take themselves far too seriously and forget about the whole enjoyment factor of listening to and playing music. This is without a doubt a band that doesn't forget that. Want a good time, listen to The Wonder Beers.

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