Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Album Review: We Could Find New Ways To Walk Home by Less Deceived

Hull gruff punks Less Deceived released two of my favourite EPs last year - the excellent It'll Never Get Better Than This and the fantastic Average Songs About The Best Days Of Our Lives. Now, after a few line up changes, Less Deceived are back with a new EP named We Could Find New Ways To Walk Home. I couldn't wait to give this a listen.

First song up is titled The Inevitable Song About Trains. This track is a song about wanting to get out of your town. This is some hugely enjoyable anthemic gruff punk that you can shout along with as loudly as you possibly can. As with the best songs in this particular genre, there are plenty of gang vocals and harmonies throughout. The chorus of "And We Can Pretend That It's Ever Going To Get Better, And We Can Pretend We're Not Drinking To Forget That Fact" feels huge and like it will get a massive crowd response. Great start to the EP. Up next is a song named That Shit'll Kill You. Something I really loved on my very first listen of the song is the shift in melody during the song. The first half of the song is played at a high tempo, wasting no time it getting through the track. Then Less Deceived switch things up for the end and finish the song with a slow, deliberate plod that really makes the final few lines really hit home hard. That Shit'll Kill You is a song about thinking of trying to do new things but never actually doing it. I think the overall message of the song is you have to take chances in life. We Could Find New Ways To Walk home is completed with LDNY. What a cracking song this is! It starts out slowly with a big shout-a-long intro which features simply vocals and a bit of guitar. After a few shouts of the line "I Get To Miss You" the song explodes into life. You may have guessed from the line "I Get To Miss You" that the song is about missing a friend who has moved away - something that is very relatable. Less Deceived have definitely saved the best for last on this EP. I think it's the best thing they've written yet and could even be my song of the year. LDNY is superb.

We Could Find New Ways To Walk Home shows a bit of a change in the Less Deceived sound, as you would expect after some line up changes, but it's still fantastic. Probably the best new(ish) band from the UK underground in recent years. Everything they do is gold. I really need to catch them live and shout-a-long with some of my favourite songs.

Stream and download the EP here: https://less-deceived.bandcamp.com/

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