Monday, 17 October 2016

Album Review: Blowing Minds & Melting Faces by Burn Burn Burn! and ...Whatever That Means

Split releases are always a fantastic way to discover new bands. Earlier this year I discovered two fantastic bands in the form of Burn Burn Burn! from Seattle, Washington and ...Whatever That Means from Seoul, South Korea. Together they released a split titled Blowing Minds & Melting Faces back in July.

Burn Burn Burn!'s half of the split features two songs that were unreleased b-sides from their 2015 EP Have Fun. First up is Maps Of Brick Walls. When I first heard Maps Of Brick Walls I instantly thought of Jeff Rosenstock. There is a mayhem to the music that Rosenstock has made a fairly successful career of. Burn Burn Burn! have their chaotic charm down to a tee. It's a fast paced track that really grabs your attention. The drumming in particular really drives the song forward and provides a great back bone to the mayhem that appears to be going on throughout the song. The second Burn Burn Burn! song is named Drink It Away. This track is a little more restrained than the chaos that ensued on the first song but keeps up the fast pace. The verses especially have a pop punk feel to them while the chorus is insanely catchy and so easy to sing along with. It's a song about using alcohol to escape your problems and the chorus just goes "So Drink, Drink, Drink Away, I'll Drink, Drink, Drink Away Tonight!" Two very strong songs.

The ...Whatever That Means half of the split contains three songs. First up is a short track named Can't Take It. The song goes off like a starting pistol and doesn't relent for its forty-five second duration. This is some pop punk perfection, as a female vocalist lets out all of her frustrations in life in no time at all. Up next is This Betrayal. A male voice takes the lead on this more melodic track. Multiple vocals are always great on a release, but when it's two voices that are completely different it adds so much freshness to a band’s sound. The song has a great sing-along aspect to it as well, with the chorus being very catchy. There's a nice treat towards the end of the song as well, as the female vocals come in for a short bit of one-two vocals. The third and final ...Whatever That Means song is named Just Another Day. This track has more of a summery pop punk feel to it. Like the sort of pop punk you would expect in a montage on an Amercian teen movie. The chorus again really stood out with the male vocals taking the lead and the female vocals adding some fantastic harmonies. Three great tracks all of which show something different from the ...Whatever That Means sound. Great stuff.

I'd never heard of either of these bands before I stumbled upon them on Bandcamp. Both are just brilliant new bands I am looking forward to checking out more from them.

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