Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Album Review: Ivy League TX by Ivy League TX

Ivy League TX are a three-piece punk band from Midland, Texas who formed in 2009. On the ninth of January they released a brand new three-song self-titled EP. I checked it out.

The opening track is called Daily Pt. III. It starts with a soft, piano-led, bluesy audio clip before the song really begins with some powerful vocals that really jump out of the speakers and into your heart. So much emotion comes out as he sings about trying to grow and become a better man. This is the perfect example of the punk rock, fists-in-the-air anthem. The second song on the EP is called Four Years and it features guest vocals from Drew Fish. This song starts with a building sing-a-long section before the tempo of the music picks up, with the drums in particular really pounding along throughout. I like the way they seemingly use two different melodies for the vocals and the music, this gives the song a very interesting sound and helps keep it from sounding too much like everything else. The EP finishes with the song Cold Burn. This is my favourite of the three songs on the EP. It wastes no time at the beginning with some more emotional vocals starting things off. Cold Burns has a bit more of an emo feeling to it than the previous two songs, especially during the chorus. The combination of jangling guitars and the screams of "COLD BURN" during the final section of the song is incredible and is a moment in a song that really needs to be heard live to fully appreciate.

These three songs really serve as a great advertisement for what Ivy League TX are all about. They play fast and aggressive yet emotional and heartfelt punk rock music that will have you shouting along as well as thinking very deeply. Great stuff!

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