Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Album Review: Fuck It Dude, Let's Get Wasted by Rivershores

Once again, here's another instance of me being very late to the party! This time it's German punk rock band Rivershores, who put out their album Fuck It Dude, Let's Get Wasted on Shield Recordings and Uncle M Records in January 2015. Straight away I want to say how much I love the artwork on the album, but as it's Emma's job to talk about artwork I'm just going to stick with saying that I think it’s cool and instead talk about what I think of the music.

Die Laughing Instead is the name of the first song on the album. It uses some guitar feedback and a fun, rumbling bass line to start the song before a "1,2,3,4!" starts the track properly. They play melodic punk rock with gruff vocals in the vein of Iron Chic and Red City Radio and I can already imagine the band being extremely well received live. The change to a slower pace to finish the song is great, it makes me want to learn the words so I can sing with the band. The second song is titled Dreamer/Ruiner and starts off at a great pace. Beginning with just guitars and vocals, which really draws you in as a listener, it makes you want to get involved with the band. The vocals dominate the song, really leading the melody. There is a great breakdown during the song that is accompanied by an audio clip where a man speaks about being sick of being on your own before a big finale where the band sing a great chorus of "I'm A Dreamer, I'm A Ruiner". The third song is the stupidly long titled If I Was Marty McFly I Would Go Back In Time And Beat The Shit Out Of My Mind. This song starts slowly and has a bit of a sombre feel to it. The slower pace of the song really allows the melody to shine through, it's kind of a smooth but bouncy journey through the song before it builds towards a big middle section that ups the intensity for a fantastically big gang vocal ending.

28:06:42:12 is another slower paced song but it starts with some fun guitar chords and some pounding drums. The tempo of the song doesn't really change too much during the track but it does build towards a nice big ending with some really powerful and emotional vocals. This song really allows the band to show off their skill with their instruments, with some great drums and a fantastic guitar solo. This leads into the penultimate song A Cynics Smile. This is my favourite track on Fuck It Dude, Let's Get Wasted. After some slow building guitars to get us underway we are treated to some great fast-paced vocals that again make you want to sing along and the whoa-ohs in the chorus really make you want to throw your fists up. The small break down that leads into the final verse and chorus is a particular highlight. The album is completed with a song named Headache Over Heartache. There is a great series of highs and lows in the song which really helps with keeping my attention. It makes me wonder what's coming next constantly. I enjoyed the changes in vocal styles as well; sometimes choosing a cleaner pop punk vocal before switching into the gravelly style. This gives the song a whole lot more passion and energy.

Fuck It Dude, Let's Get Wasted shows that Rivershores are one of the best of the many, many, many great punk rock bands in mainland Europe and need to be checked out.

Stream and download Fuck It Dude, Let's Get Wasted here: https://shieldrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/rivershores-fuck-it-dude-lets-get-wasted

Like Rivershores here: https://www.facebook.com/rivershorespunk