Monday, 22 July 2019

Album Review: Glenn Spaghetti Legs by Lost Love (by Lee Morton)

Montreal band Lost Love are embarking on a European tour this summer from 19th July to 4th August (no UK dates, shame on you) and ahead of this have released a short EP made up of b-sides from their last album, the brilliant “Good Luck Rassco”.

As only two songs, and a shade over 5 minutes in length, it’s more of a single release than an actual EP but fans of their unique mix of melody, melancholy and self-deprecating humour will love it.

It opens with the title track “Glenn Spaghetti Legs”, a reference to Glenn Danzig getting knocked out many years ago. This is also the comic-like cover art of the EP, although it bears no relation to the song itself which is typically quirky, upbeat and filled with melancholic lyrics that burrow into your head and get you singing along like an idiot with a stupid grin on your face. Like a lot of their songs, this is a “coming of age” type song about growing up, fucking up, repent and repeat which gives it an immediacy that everyone can identify with.

The other track is “Ontarien Demande” which is a little more laid back than the first song. The music gives it a sunnier vibe although, once again, the lyrics are a little darker and twisted including this gem – “I’m drinking but I can’t get drunk enough, I’m loving but I can’t get loved enough”. The harmonies and melodies perfectly capture the feelings of a bright sunny day – this is pure pop-punk.

I’ve compared Lost Love to the best of Weezer in the past and I still can’t think of a better comparison, it’s bitter-sweet pop-punk with sprinkles on top that are so uplifting yet peppered with reality and lashings of fun. I loved their last album and, after listening to these bonus tracks that didn’t make the cut (I’m not sure how), I’m now even more excited about future releases.

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This review was written by Lee Morton.

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