Monday, 10 August 2015

Album Review: Lynchpin by Hellwinners

Hellwinners are a three piece melodic punk band from Brighton. Seemingly a hot bed for fantastic bands with River Jumpers, Demon Smiles, Harker, Haters and Young Attenborough all coming from the English seaside town. Recently Hellwinners released a brand new EP named Lynchpin. I checked it out.

The first song on Lynchpin is named The Courtyard. This track serves as an instrumental introduction before Lynchpin really gets going with Liquor And It's Friends. The song starts quickly and with a nice amount of aggression. Excellent fast paced punk rock music that'll get your fists flying high. Red Hook goes along at a slower pace and has more of a pop sound. This catchy track is one of the more accessible tracks on Lynchpin and is something casual music fans and hardcore punks can enjoy. Live I expect that it's very popular with some great harmonies and whoa-ohs during the track. Oh Arcadia is another song with a pop punk feeling, sounding very reminiscent of early Take This To The Grave era Fall Out Boy. This song gives opportunities for all three members of the band to show off their musical skills and my word they are a talented bunch. Lynchpin in finished with the song At The Root. This is a really strong song with great guitar parts, massive hooks, fantastic harmonies and a big chorus that will really get a crowd pumped up. 

Hellwinners are a fantastic new band with a huge upside. Playing a style of punk rock we don't hear that often in our scene and playing it very well. Looking forward to big things from these boys.

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