Saturday, 15 August 2015

Album Review: D.I.Y. by The Tickturds

The Tickturds are a punk rock band from Colchester who formed in 2012. In July they released a brand new single named D.I.Y. I checked it out.

The first song on the single is the title track, D.I.Y. The track is only fifty one seconds long and it's intro reminded me off some old school Descendents with the guitar work. The song is played fast with both vocalists taking turns to sing lines. This really keeps the energy of the song up and makes the song feel like a lot has been squeezed into those fifty one seconds. The second song on the single is a cover of the Stormchild song Alien Hand Syndrome. I've never heard the original song before or even heard of Stormchild so I can't really compare the two songs but I have to say I did enjoy The Tickturds version. The rawness in the production gives the song a real old school vibe and the whole feel of the track is fun. The Tickturds rhythm section is on top form in the song, laying day some enjoyable ska beats to go along with more dual vocals. 

D.I.Y. is an fun little release from The Tickturds. I'm interested to hear some more of their own material, I'm wondering if they have some songs that go over two minutes.

Download D.I.Y. is available for free download here: 

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