Thursday, 12 June 2014

My Favourite Songs: Don't Fuck With Our Dreams

One of my favourite songs at the moment is Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams by The Smith Street Band. Taken from the five track EP from the same name released in 2013 on Australia’s Poison City Records.

The song itself was inspired by a band called The Bennies. Both bands were playing a show together in Australia when a violent man turned up to the show with the attention of hurting someone. Unfortunately that someone turned out to be a friend of The Smith Street Band and while he was bleeding out of his head he turned to the violent guy and just said “Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams.”

The song itself starts with some gentle guitar strokes whilst lead singer Wil Wagner opens the hugely singable song with the lyrics “Living in living rooms and it’s true that I haven’t gone to bed since the last time that I saw you. ‘Cause going to couch or going to floor, well it doesn’t quite provide the eight hours that my body is screaming for” before the rest of the band joins in playing a punchy tune for the rest of the first verse before really giving it some rock and roll beans for the first chorus.  

The chorus tells a tale of life on tour, how every night is a massive party but the mornings are a drag (“’Cause every night’s a Saturday night, and every day’s a Monday morning”). It talks about how on tour things happen at the spur of a moment and how they’ve picked the right people to go on tour with.  They then finish with the statement “Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams!” I think that this line is just a great statement for sticking up for what you believe in despite what other people might think about it or to the people who try and mess with them. It also receives a massive sing along when it is played live.

My favourite part of the song is the break down that happens after the second chorus. The song really mellows out and Wagner begins to sing about leaving a lasting legacy and will help give strength at the lowest points and not backing down or giving in. The bridge then goes on to say “So call me what you will, I don’t care, I know what happened I was there, We Know what happened we were there” meaning that people can say what they want about things that happen in life, as long as the person who was at an incident knows the truth that’s all that matters. This bridge works fantastically well live with the crowd screaming the “We know what happened we were there” line.

Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams then finishes off with another foot stomping final chorus that really brings a brilliant song round full circle. 

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