Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Album Review: Glow by Triple Sundae (by Richard Mair)

Despite only being a band for a brief 5 years, a number of high profile support slots (Pkew x3, Such Gold) coupled with some promising EPs have placed London’s Triple Sundae on the cusp of greatness. Glow, the band’s fifth release, will certainly only enhance their credentials as “the one to watch” ahead of a full length album, with its earnest songwriting, singalong choruses and a musical knack of hitting the right epic moments at the right time so that each song sounds special. With Glow, the band have delivered a near perfect pop punk EP which showcases all of the good things about the genre without bowing to lazy stereotypes or cliche’d tropes.

The six tracks clearly fall into two camps of three. One set are raucous, upbeat punk tunes (“Pollution”, “Dazed” and CPRW 5th birthday charity comp fave “Everything’s Cool”) and the other are a much more melodic emo-tinged trio (“Swisher”, “Glow” and “Safe”). However, as opposed to seeing a dip in quality across the styles, they complement each other wonderfully and both styles are delivered with aplomb.

Of the upbeat punk tunes, “Pollution” is a great opener. Its gritty, throaty lyrics are easy to relate to and the song chugs along with guitar flourishes, a well-constructed bridge section and good use of gang vocals in the chorus. An obvious nod would be to suggest it has an Iron Chic feel to it, albeit with a distinctive British pop punk slant.

“Dazed” is a rocking good tune with a ‘da da da’ ditty which will get lodged in your head and buzz around for ages. In terms of style, it reminds me of another CPRW favourite New York’s Timeshares with its more more blue-collar rock feel, especially to the verses.

Finally of this trio we have “Everything’s Cool”; an epic, fast, singalong song complete with fist-in-the-air moments. Lyrically it’s much darker than the upbeat melody would suggest with its themes of isolation standing out; however it’s the kind of song people will rally around and, as an introduction to the band, it’s a great starting point.

The three more melodic emo tunes have a true Midwestern punk feel to them evoking feelings of Signals Midwest or the more subdued tunes of Philadelphia heroes The Menzingers, perhaps a more left field comparison might even suggest glimpses of The Hotelier. Title track “Glow” is the song where this feels the most apt comparison, with the vocals doing much of the heavy lifting. Closing track “Safe” is similar in this regard. Its much slower start helps demonstrate the band’s songwriting ability and craftsmanship. At the 1:30 minute mark the tempo picks up and you know you’re in epic album closer territory and that’s exactly what Triple Sundae have delivered here, a fitting conclusion to a great EP.

The only song not discussed so far is second track “Swisher”; I cannot describe how amazing this song is apart from it needs to be listened to very loudly. All the individual components described above, which make the release stand out, are present in this one song. Whilst I’d go as far as to say the release is essential, Swisher has the potential to be iconic. The second verse in particular is spine tingling and, as a self-confessed over thinker, it resonates superbly with the daily struggle of second guessing everything. It’s then topped by a closing coda which rounds off a near pop-punk anthem!

With Glow, Triple Sundae have delivered that preserve of all great pop punk bands – the essential EP (think The Movielife’s Gambling Problem). A full length is the obvious next step which, based on this release, can’t come soon enough... but, for now, enjoy this rather delightful cherry on top of their already glowing back catalogue!

Stream and download Glow here: https://triplesundae.bandcamp.com/

Like Triple Sundae here: https://www.facebook.com/triplesundae/

This review was written by Richard Mair.

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