Monday, 29 May 2017

Album Review: Ann Beretta by Ann Beretta

Ann Beretta have new music! If you're old like me this is very exciting, if you're a little younger then you might not know who Ann Beretta are. Let me give you a little history lesson.

Ann Beretta formed back in 1996 in Richmond, Virginia, also the home of punk legends Avail. They played straightforward punk rock music with slight hints of country and rockabilly. Between 1996 and 2003 the band was very prolific, releasing 10 albums, EPs, singles and a live album on labels such as Fueled By Ramen, Lookout and Union 2112 Records. Sadly in 2004 the band disbanded due to long time issues with record labels and managers. In 2012 the band reformed and released a best of album named Wild, Young and Free on Gunner Records and last month they released their first new material in fourteen years in the form of a self titled single on Say-10 Records. This got me so excited! 

The single has two new songs on it. First is the completely, brand spanking new Kill The Lights. The second song is a re-working of Forever Family which originally appeared on 1998's Bitter Tongues. On my first listen of the single I immediately messaged the Colin's Punk Rock World group chat and said "The new Ann Beretta single is incredible!" Which it is. Kill The Lights is pure pop punk perfection. From the very second the song started a huge grin appeared on my face, this is the Ann Beretta I loved oh so much back in the day. It starts off at a great pace and doesn't really slow down aside from a short breakdown towards the end of the song. On that very first listen I found myself wanting to sing along with every single word, verse and chorus. Lead singer Rob Huddlestone's voice makes the song so accessible to anyone listening. If you're not a fan of punk because you think that it's all incomprehensible screaming then you need to listen to this song. A blooming wonderful piece of punk rock that I will continue to gush over for a long time, I suspect.

Forever Family is a firm favourite Ann Beretta track of mine so I was intrigued to hear this re-working. The first thing you notice is how much fuller the production on the song sounds compared to its original 1998 recording. Hardly surprising considering there are almost twenty years between the releases of the two versions. Forever Family feels like a great choice of song to re-work for this release as it's about sticking together as a band knowing that no matter what you will survive. The band have been through a lot during its existence and to be releasing new material after all this time says a lot about the bond that the band have.

This single has got me really excited for a brand new album from Ann Beretta. As one of the most underrated bands from back in the day, I'm so pleased they're back and sounding better than ever. I don't know if the band has many plans for shows but if they do I really hope a UK visit is in the pipeline.

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This review was written by Colin Clark.

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