Sunday, 29 May 2016

Album Review: Time and Tide by Eat Defeat

Eat Defeat released one of my favourite EPs of 2014, the fantastically positive It's Always Sunny In Yorkshire. The band, who formed in 2010, will be releasing a new EP in June titled Time and Tide on Umlaut Records. I was really looking forward to hearing it.

Time and Tide opens with a song named DIYTanic. It's a song about sticking with your DIY principals despite how difficult it can be. Musically it's fast paced skate tinged pop punk that barely pauses for breathe throughout the song. There are some enjoyable shifts in melody that keep the track sounding interesting. I particularly enjoyed the punchy nature of the vocals in the second verse. Up next is the song Shortcuts. The opening of the song falls a lot more on the skate punk sound of Eat Defeat's sound. The drums in particular are fast and aggressive and really thrust the song forward. As the song progresses it transitions into more of a pop punk song complete with some big hooks and some fantastic harmonies. The way the band perfectly blend one style of punk into another is a joy to listen to. Don't Look Back wastes absolutely no time in getting started. The track, which is about going for what you want and taking advantage of any opportunities you're given, jumps into life immediately. Summers vocals are extremely fast paced and feel the song with an unrelenting energy. I found this to be a very uplifting song, something that Eat Defeat excel at.

The fourth song on Time And Tide is named Make Or Break. Make Or Break has a slower paced beginning allowing listeners to get involved and sing with the band. The song soon picks up a little tempo but it never gets into top gear. For me this was a good decision as it gives you time to breathe after the first three frantic songs. Make Or Break is about arriving at that point in your life where you have to make a big decision in your life. The penultimate song is named The North Remembers. I loved the jangly guitars that carry us into the song before Summers's vocals (which carry a lot more emotion) really come into play. As the song goes on the tempo gets faster and faster and the emotion in the vocals adds so much power to the track. The song has more of a pop punk feel ala Neck Deep and The Story So Far but much better. Time And Tide concludes with the song Dead And Gone. Dead And Gone is a song about wanting to be remembered after you die. The vocal delivery is again superb, particularly the lead vocal and gang vocals trading lines during the opening verse.

Eat Defeat have added another fantastic release to what growing into a very impressive back catalogue. If you like your skate punk poppy or your pop punk skatey or your music good then this is a EP you should be listening to.

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