Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Album Review: Battle Lines From Better Times by Sink Alaska

Battle Lines From Better Times is the new EP from Glasgow's Sink Alaska, released by the ever excellent Make-That-A-Take Records. Sink Alaska play melodic skate punk rock full of great hooks and catchy choruses. I was excited to check out this EP.

The opening track on Battle Lines From Better Times is named I Am A Legend/I Am A Robot. It starts off with some great up-tempo guitar work that really put a smile on my face. The riff just makes me want to jump up and down. The vocals have more than a hint of Tony Sly about them, which is by no means a bad thing. They fall on the more poppy side of skate punk, which keeps the song sounding upbeat and makes the song way more accessible to the masses. Up next is All That Got Hurt Was Feelings. There is a bit more of a hardness about this track; the guitar tones are lower as is the pitch of the vocals. The urge to sing-along is still strong though and the chorus grabs you on the first listen. The third song on the EP is named Poacher Turned Gamekeeper and it has another excellent guitar-led introduction. I really enjoyed the tempo throughout the song, it's full of melody but really feels like the band are holding absolutely nothing back. For me this is the best song Sink Alaska have written to date. The final song on Battle Lines From Better Times is titled Overkill Is Underrated. More fantastic up-tempo skate punk that gets you jumping, head banging, throwing your fists up and singing along. Sink Alaska have a knack of making it very hard to stay still whilst listening to their music. (Makes reviewing very tricky!)

Battle Line From Better Times is another fantastic release from Sink Alaska and MTAT. Sink Alaska manage to take a sound that hit its peak twenty years ago and give it a fresh and fantastic make over. Great job!

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