Thursday, 13 August 2015

Bens Top Tens: Top Ten New Bands He'd Like To See At Rebellion 2016

Having started with my own band the 4130s on the new band stage and playing again this year in the arena I know how much it can help bands. My friends ask me if I can help them out with contacts and stuff and my answer is I'll do my best, but in reality there's nothing I can do. I can put a bands name forward but that’s kinda it so I thought I'd put together a top ten and hope Mr. Wah Wah or a rebellion team member see it . Also they're bands I've missed out like Spoilers and Ducking Punches among others who I would like to see play Rebellion but would suit a different stage.

The Burnt Tapes – These guys are tight as fuck and have a great attitude towards what they do. If they go on first you can bet your house on the fact they will be in the pit for all the other bands on the bill. They have just come off a Euro tour. That tour hardened them and helped a lot with their tightness and stage presence. If I was booking the stage these guys would be first on my team sheet.

Demon Smiles – Female fronted melodic punkers have put in a shift this year playing up and down the country. I've noticed their name on a lot of posters of late and they seem to have upped their travel game a lot. One of the first things Rebellion look for is how hard a band work on the DIY scene I think these guys have it covered. 

Müg – Just off the back of releasing an amazing new record (reviewed here) these guys are gonna be on most people's new exciting bands list. Now starting to get some interesting support slots with bands like Teenage Bottlerocket as well.

Second In Line – Feels strange putting these guys forward for the new band stage when they seem to have been around forever. A break of sorts was taken for quite a while as they were looking for new memeber's but they have gotten their shit together and are playing all over the place it's good to see. They also do the best Only Fools cover ever, I imagine rebellion would love a bit of that!

Rats As Big As Dogs – Seen these guys a few times and they always blow me away. They sound pretty different from most others on my list but you can't help looking on in awe as they deliver a tight as fuck set from top to bottom. Featuring members of Volunteers.

Matilda's Scoundrels – These guys would go down amazing at Rebellion not dissimilar to The Roughneck Riot in sound, these guys are packing up the van and heading all over the country to deliver their brand of folk punk rock. Another thing Rebellion looks for is people who work hard for local scenes and if you’ve been too or played Hastings you’ll know what I mean when I say these guys are pushing punk rock down there and is getting bigger and bigger. 

The Commited – If ever there was a Rebellion band to have never actually played Rebellion it’s The Commited. Punk as nobody's business and you know they will be there even if they don’t play. The band on my list that would pull in all the oldies and win over the kids too. 

Fisti Kuffs – Ippo band and local comedy pop punkers. They released their long awaited album recently to great critical acclaim (review here) and since then they have been playing a lot. I know they would do really well at Rebellion having the chance to play in-front of a lot of people. They need in my opinion to get up North a bit and spread their wings more then they will be ready to destroy the big stage. 

Dropthis – I love these guys they can do no wrong at the moment. They have just come off a tour with The Burnt Tapes in Europe and packing in shows left right and centre. It's must be pretty hard to emerge out of the Kent scene as a front runner in a place where there's so many great bands at the moment but they have managed it. I can only see big things for their future. 

No Contest – Fast, melodic skatepunkers from Grimsby or there abouts, I always think of these boys being more of a Punk Rock Holiday kind of band but I know their speed and style would set rebellions stage alight. If more people saw these guys I'm sure they would have the same opinion as me.

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