Sunday, 2 August 2015

Album Review: Sundown by Waco

Waco (pronounced Way-co) are a band I've been wanting to review since seeing them support Masked Intruder and The Murderburgers in May at The Borderline. I was really impressed with their charismatic and energetic punk rock & roll music and have now finally got their debut EP. Released back in February, it's called Sundown. Here's my review.

The opening song Wrangler begins with a huge shout of 1, 2, 3, 4! This is quickly followed up a with some big rock and roll chords and some rapid drum rolls. Vocalist Jak Hutchcroft has an interesting voice, it's part venomous punk and half arrogant rock star and is really engaging. There is an excellent lyric in the first verse of the song. It goes "If You Fall Down You Gotta Get Back Up, Evolve And Stop Giving A Fuck, You Can Be Free If You Believe." That really sums up what Wrangler is all about, learning from your mistakes and bettering yourself in the process. The second track Agitation is a massive sing-a-long song. Whether you are at a gig, in the pub, in a car at the park I can just imagine being with a group of my friends singing this song at the top of our voices. It's a mid-tempo rock song full of catchy hooks about having your heart broken by someone and knowing that despite everything you would take them back in an instant. Something I sadly know too much about and I imagine many other people do as well. Despite the subject matter it's a very upbeat feeling song and does put a smile on my face when I listen to it and shout along. The upbeat feeling disappears on the third song - Dusty. The tone of this song is much darker, with Jaks voice displaying a hint of angst as he sings the song. It's still extremely listenable though and shows that Waco can do more than happy, upbeat tracks. The beginning of the next song has a more stripped back sound to it. Named Jezebel, it's a slower paced song which would fit well on an indie rock compilation as well as a punk one. Waco could have a huge crossover appeal. This is another song about breaking up with a girl, again the lyrics are extremely relatable to anyone whose had a hard time getting over anyone. There is a bit of a crunchy finale to the song that comes out of nowhere and if the listener was beginning to to paying attention to the track they will definitely be pulled back in. Sundown is finished by a song named Dungeness. Starting out with some acapella gang vocals you know Waco are returning to the catchy punk rock they do ever so well. The tempo is raised on the song seeing that the EP is finished with a sing-a-long party. 

Waco could easily become the next big thing in punk rock. I really heard of them by chance but I'm so glad I did. This is really enjoyable punk rock music with a difference.

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