Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Album Review: I Scare Myself Sometimes by The Smith Street Band

I Scare Myself Sometimes is the name of the brand new 7" single from Australia's finest punks The Smith Street Band. It was recorded during the same sessions as the bands last album, the amazing Throw Me In The River. Let's have a listen to it.

The lead track, I Scare Myself Sometimes, is a duet, something I've never heard from The Smith Street Band before. The female vocals are perfectly provided by Lucy Wilson of the Australian band The Sugarcanes. The song begins slowly with Lucy taking the first verse of the song. Her voice is clean and crisp but also has an element of pain attached to it. Smith Street front man Wil Wagner takes charge of the second verse. I really liked the way they introduced Wil into the song, with him adding a few lines in Lucy's verse before taking full control of the song. His voice is, as always, full of emotion. He really has an extraordinary ability to truly make you feel what he is feeling during a song. Of course there is a big finale to the song, with the full band joining in for a final verse and Wil and Lucy finishing the song together. The song itself is about heartbreak and hope and love and self-destruction. The heartbreak and hope section is represented brilliantly by Lucy and Wil trading the lines "I Just Wanna Be Over You" and "I Just Want You All Over Me" respectively.

Following this is the song Regular Sex. This is The Smithies returning to what they are loved for; fast paced folk punk that you can sing along to. They don't really do choruses but they do have small breakdowns that lead to big sing-a-long moments. Regular Sex is no different and is a very enjoyable b-side. The final song on the release (the iTunes version anyway) is God In The Name Of The Father, a track that originally appeared on the Wipe That Shit-Eating Grin release from earlier this year, which I reviewed here.

All in all another excellent release from Smith Street Band who are turning into one of the most prolific bands around, constantly releasing amazing new material.

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