Saturday, 8 August 2015

Album Review: Death Of Denmark by Spineless Yes Men


I really enjoy the way I discovered London based pop punk band Spineless Yes Men. It was on the tube after Red City Radio's gig at The Brixton Windmill in July. I was discussing the evenings gig with a bunch of chaps who had also been in attendance and as I was leaving they told me to check out their band Spineless Yes Men. After typing it into my phone I as Senseless Yes Men it took me a long time to actually work out my mistake but when I did I discovered an EP with four pop punk gems on it. Titled Death Of Denmark I checked it out.

The first song is called Ramleaze Drive. The first thing I noticed about the song is how good the production is, it's so clear and crisp, not what I was expecting from a small DIY band. I'm transported back to my youth listening to the EP, it's summery, upbeat and full of big choruses. Jake's BBQ is a great song, vocally delivered half in a story telling, spoken word style before getting to the chorus and being joined be some harmonies. The song is about those summer gatherings with your friends and putting on a brave face that everything is okay. Post Gig Blues is my favourite track on Death Of Denmark. It begins with a massive vocal delivery of the chorus before some fast paced melodies carry us into the first. The song is about the come down after a great gig. Hitting that high and then the night ending and just plummeting. Something that is relatable not just at a gig but just life in general really. Death Of Denmark is completed by a song named Clumsy. Clumsy is about a night out with your friends and making mistakes. It's a bit of an epic compared to the previous three songs and feels slightly darker in tone. It goes a long at a very good pace though, I didn't even realise it's length until I started this review. It's still fast and it's still catchy and I love it.

Death Of Denmark is a fine summer pop punk EP which will be getting plenty of listens from me, it's just fantastic. Spineless Yes Men are a new band with a great deal of potential. I get the feeling I would have discovered them sooner rather than later anyway because they are a very talented bunch. Luckily due to a coincidental tube journey it was sooner. 

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