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Gig Review: Slow Science/The Dauntless Elite Album Release Show at Urban Bar, Whitechapel 25/9/14

This past Thursday 176 Records and Everything Sucks Music put on another great show at Urban Bar in Whitechapel. This night was the record release show for Slow Science’s and The Dauntless Elite’s new split release and it would also be the very last time Slow Science would ever play in London.

Up first were Big Wow. Featuring two members of the Dauntless Elite this relatively new band have just put out their debut release Teamwork Makes The Dream Work on Specialist Subject records, a label that have put out some of the best releases in UK punk rock so I was expecting big things. They certainly delivered with their live show. Fast and frantic power pop is the order of the day from Big Wow. Decked out on stage in matching blue t-shirts they storm through their songs without saying a word between them. This in itself was quite entertaining with a very long awkward pause halfway through their set before bassist Georgina screamed and the band burst back into life. Very entertaining set from this new band.

Next up was Break Ups guitarist Luke Godwin. Luke’s solo album Brand New Lands was one of my favourites of 2013 and I was really looking forward to seeing this superbly talented man perform live. After a little technical difficulty he began his set and was fantastic. I always wonder how an acoustic act will do when placed between two full bands on a gig line up. Will it bring down the energy levels of the evening? In this instance it definitely didn’t. Godwin’s voice was at its soulful best as he captivated his audience. The only downside of the set was that he didn’t play my favourite song of his – Let’s Walk Away. Luke Godwin is definitely someone to keep an eye out for.

The Dauntless Elite were my main reason for attending the show at Urban Bar. I randomly discovered them earlier this year and really fell in love with their gruff punk stylings. The Dauntless Elite are a “does what it says on the tin” sort of band. Their live show is what you would expect from a melodic pop punk band, not that that is a bad thing. The songs are top quality fist pumping anthems. Singers Lee and Joseph’s vocals both sound great with Joseph’s raw and rough singing complimented fantastically by Lee’s more clean style. I was super impressed with The Dauntless Elite playing live, brilliant band to watch, really entertaining when playing songs or partaking in mid set banter, Lee especially was hilarious. It’s such a shame that they don’t play more gigs because they are an excellent band.

Last up was Slow Science. I have to admit I had never even heard of Slow Science before this gig so the sadness of this being their last ever London gig was a bit lost on me. That was until about halfway through their opening song when I felt gutted this was my first time experiencing them as they were really really good. On their Facebook page they describe themselves as a “four piece, anthemic, indie infused, grunge driven, dual vocaled, punk rock” band. I would just describe them as awesome. They made a comment about not having played a gig for 18 months prior to this one but you couldn’t tell as they played so tightly. Al and Stacey’s rhythm section drove the songs on why guitarists Jon and Paul played so excellent riffs. The whole band are clearly brilliantly talented musicians and together they have made something really special. It’s such a shame they are splitting up and I really hpe they do some reunion shows somewhere down the line, it would be a travesty if they didn’t.

This was a excellent gig showcasing some great UK talent. On my way home I thought about the gig and wondered why exactly acts like these and countless other underground acts are still underground. The UK really does have an immensely talented scene and really needs to be discovered by a bigger audience. Thank god for promoters such as 176 Records and Everything Sucks Music for continually putting on some fantastic gigs filled with great bands. 

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