Gateway Band?
The Gaslight Anthem

Favourite Album Ever?
On The Impossible Past by The Menzingers and/or The ’59 Sound by The Gaslight Anthem

Guilty Pleasure?
My mum will hate me for saying this but the song I always request at weddings is Living On A Prayer by Bon Jovi. If that’s not guilty enough then I quite enjoy listening to Justin Timberlake’s Justified when it gets put on at work.

Favourite Gig?
I think this is the hardest question of all for me to answer… so much so that I don’t think I can even answer it, at least not with one single gig. The whole of my first (and, as yet, only) Fest, Fest 15 in 2016 – including The Menzingers playing On The Impossible Past in full. Also, the following gigs at the New Cross Inn: Pkew Pkew Pkew in 2018, Lightyear headlining the last day of Level Up Fest in 2018, Chewing On Tinfoil in 2019. Plus, Überyou on a boat at Hamburg’s Booze Cruise Festival in 2019 and both times I’ve seen Stöj Snak at Manchester Punk Festival (2017 and 2019).

Favourite Venue?
Obviously, it's the New Cross Inn.

Silliest Thing Done For Punk Rock?
I don’t think it’s silly but most people thought I was crazy for going all the way to Florida for a musical festival… but not going to Disneyland. Hey, those people are the silly ones! It’s FEST!! I can’t think of much else besides spending a lot of my free time and money going to gigs (most of the money actually goes on train fares).

What To Buy You If I See You At A Gig?
I’d probably say ‘I’m fine, thanks.’ but if you insist then a lemonade or tap water would be welcome. Maybe a cider if I didn’t drive to the station.

Band You’ve Seen The Most?
Frank Turner (& The Sleeping Souls)

Band You Wish You Could Have Seen?
Default punk rock answer but – The Clash.

What Punk Rock Means To You?
I don’t know how to answer this question or at least how to articulate it properly. Punk rock just quite simply makes me happy – whether that be listening to an album or attending a live show or even just talking about it with other punk fans (OR just fellow music fans in general). The punk scene feels like a place where I belong – I feel comfortable and surrounded by people like me. It’s the people that make the punk scene so great. In recent years I have realised that I like punk music more than I like graphic design and that’s a big statement for me… not that the two things are interchangeable.

Other Interests?
Being a graphic designer and general admirer of good design, befriending any cat that I see (because rented living means I can’t have my own), swimming so often that people refer to me as a fish, reading fantasy fiction – plus nature, walking and exploring.

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  1. Emma - Hello. Kindly lend an ear to DumpStar: https://dumpstar.bandcamp.com/


    Hey, thanks.

    Steve W.

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