Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Album Review: Textures by My Own Co-Pilot

My Own Co-Pilot are an emo punk and hardcore act from Gothenburg in Sweden. It is the project of Michal Kosinski with the assistance of Derrek Siemienuik. Back in July, My Own Co-Pilot released their debut four track EP Textures. With the music written by Kosinski and the lyrics and vocal melodies handled by Siemienuik, Textures was recorded in Sweden and the USA.

Textures opens with a song named Exit You. Starting out with a gentle but distinctive drum beat and some jangly guitar, the track begins how you would expect an emo song to begin. It slowly builds before launching into some crunching moments with some superb hoarse, screamy vocals but switching back to the emotional sound that started the song. This pattern continues throughout the song with the contrasting styles really bringing the song to life. Exit You has such a big sound that really pulls you in and takes you along for the ride. When The Missing Returns hooks you in from the start with a fantastic guitar part that really makes you think that this song is going part. There is a lot of energy in the start of the song that I really appreciated. The use of harmonies in this opening section work really well. I'm not sure whether or not there are multiple vocalists or if it is one person's vocals layered to create the harmony but, either way, it sounds great. I'm coming to realise that My Own Co-Pilot are brilliant at building towards those big and explosive intense sections of the song, when you get there it just feels like a great primal release.

The third song is named This Crying and there's a heavier tone to this track. It doesn't quite have the same energy as the previous song but it certainly creates a great atmospheric feeling and it will no doubt get you head banging. As the track progresses, it gradually shifts into a more alternative rock sound that makes it more accessible to the more casual rock music listener. It definitely feels like the right track for first time listeners, who might not necessarily enjoy emo/punk music, to hear first when they check out My Own Co-Pilot. Finally we have the song Remembering. After a brief moment of radio static, some wonderful drums open the song before leading into some interesting stop/start vocals. Soon enough these vocals go towards a more melodic route before yet another amazing building section. The contrast between the sweet and gentle, higher pitched vocals and the screams add a great deal of theatre to Remembering that doesn't go unnoticed. It doesn't feel like screaming for the sake of screaming though, it all feels very well thought out and does actually add to the song. When I first saw the length of the song – it's over five minutes long – I was slightly worried that it might feel like a bit of a slog to get through but it actually flew by. That's a great testament to the songwriting skills that My Own Co-Pilot are blessed with.

Emo isn't really ever my go to genre but I'm really glad I checked out Textures. It's a fantastic debut EP for a couple of super talented gentleman. Strong songwriting, great performances and moving songs. Exactly what you what from your emo tunes.

Stream and download Textures here: https://myowncopilot.bandcamp.com/releases

Like My Own Co-Pilot here: http://www.facebook.com/myowncopilot

This review was written by Colin Clark.

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