Saturday, 9 June 2018

Album Review: All Talk by Our Lives In Cinema

Our Lives In Cinema are busily carving themselves out a nice reputation in the London punk rock community. Armed with an infectious enthusiasm for the scene along with some kick-ass pop punk songs, the band with the best name in the game are on a path to greatness. Back in March the five piece released a brand new EP on the mighty Umlaut Records titled All Talk. Dan has already interviewed OLIC frontman Mark for CPRW (which you can read here) but we loved the EP so much that we also decided to give it a proper review.

The three song EP begins with the track It's Always Sunny In Paterson Park. The extended intro of the song serves as a great introduction to the whole EP. The song really kicks into life when Mark's vocals begin. Delivered in a fast paced and punchy style, they steal the show and inject so much energy into the song. I loved the breakdown in the song where Mark's vocals are joined by a simple, plodding instrumentation and some superb harmonies. A really great sing along moment. The second song, Talk You Up, is more melodic and slightly edgier than what I've hear from OLIC before. I really enjoyed this different side to the band, it shows some great versatility to their song writing. OLIC have a fantastic skill at pacing their songs. They do this magnificent job of playing at a high tempo but the songs never feel rushed. They're not just playing super fast for no rhyme or reason, the song composition is brilliantly thought out. This is one of the more emotional OLIC songs as Mark's anger seems to build throughout the song. It's just superb. The final song is titled Every Year Is A Mountain. This track feels like a final song. I can imagine it being a great set closer because of its massive chorus that's so catchy you'll be singing along with it very quickly. Even if it's your first time hearing OLIC, you'll be singing along come the end of the song.

Our Lives In Cinema are seriously a top band that you should not be sleeping on. This release, as well as their previous self-titled effort, shows serious amounts of promise. I've heard great things about them live as well. I'm looking forward to finally catching them when they play with Pkew Pkew Pkew at the New Cross Inn on Tuesday 12th of June.

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This review was written by Colin Clark.

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