Saturday, 28 April 2018

Album Review: Whistleblower by Out Of My Way

Out Of My Way are a new punk band from Stockholm, Sweden. The three piece, consisting of Christian Gehlert (guitar/vocals), Tobias Eriksson (bass/vocals) and Charlie Ă–sterlund (drums) released their debut EP Whistleblower back in March and, I'll tell you now, it's absolutely superb. Now, I'll tell you why.

Whistleblower begins with Shut Me Up. Here we have a fast paced and hard hitting skate punk song. Ă–sterlund's drumming throughout the entire song is superb, his rapid fire pounding of the skins powers the song forward. When we get to the chorus we are treated to a wonderfully catchy section that you will be singing before you realise the lines are permanently etched into your brain. I loved the final chorus of the song when we are treated to some great gang vocals to finish things off. The second song Why She Left shows of the pop punk side of Out Of My Way. Like the track's title suggests it's about looking at the reasons as to why "she" left you. Basically the reason is because you've been lazy and rubbish and spending all of your time feeling sorry for yourself. Like I said, this song does show a poppier side of Out Of My Way but the song still has plenty of angst and attitude in it - plus it features another chorus that grabs you immediately.

Storage Locker was the standout song on my first listen of Whistleblower. It goes off like a bullet and has this accelerated melody where the vocals are delivered at a speed that a master rapper would be pleased with. It must be exhausting singing at such a speed. The energy that the song releases is just infectious and draws you into the song. Storage Locker is about cutting ties with friends who don't act like friends anymore. The penultimate track is titled The Shit, The Stain, The Wash-Off. Reverting back to a pop punk sound but with a bucket load of anger thrown in, Out Of My Way have written a song about stepping up as a person and facing up to the bad things you've done rather than living in denial about it. Last up is the short but ferocious EDM. It's an attack on the electronic music scene, from the perceived lack of musical talent it takes to make it, to the drug and molestation culture that comes from it. No punches are pulled on this song and it finishes off the EP with a big bang.

Whistleblower is an absolutely superb debut EP from Out Of My Way. It really blew me away by how good it actually is. Seriously, this is really, really good and it really came out of nowhere. Bands shouldn't be this good on their debut release. I can only imagine just what a band Out Of My Way could become. Go and check out Whistleblower now!

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This review was written by Colin Clark.

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