Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Album Review: Pardon Us by Pardon Us (by Emma Prew)

Pardon Us are a three-piece punk rock band from Liverpool. Earlier this year they released their debut self-titled five track EP with the fine folks at Every Thing Sucks. Shortly after that I saw the band live for the first time, at South East Fest, – and heard songs from said EP for the first time too. Its safe to say I became a firm fan from that moment. I added Pardon Us to my ‘Prew’s Reviews’ list but I must admit I’ve been slower than the band deserves at getting onto it…

The first song is called Goodnight Adam 12 and is a song that also has an excellent SEGA-style RPG music video. (You can watch the video here.) One reason I was immediately hooked on Pardon Us when I saw them live was that their music packed a certain punch without being unnecessarily aggressive. I’m pleased to say that this remains the case on recording. Goodnight Adam 12 is a good ol’ song about growing up and having to make decisions as to where your life is heading – hence why a RPG music video works so well. Next up is Sleepwalk, a relatively speedy little track that kicks off with some great guitar work before the opening verse. The verses of the song are accompanied by palm-muted guitar which, although I know a lot of bands do, is something that always reminds me of Cornwall’s Bangers (RIP). Pardon Us did remind me a bit of the Cornish trio when I saw them live as well, which is not a bad band to be compared to if you ask me. Sleepwalk is about how you can sometimes end up going about your day in somewhat of a sleepwalking or zombie-like state, not really taking everything in but carrying on anyway. Until you realise all the time you’ve wasted anyway. 

Carry On is probably my favourite Pardon Us song – although it is a close call as all the songs on this EP are top notch. With an empowering and encouraging sentiment that really makes you want to shout about it, Carry On is simply DIY punk rock at its best. If you ever feel like you can’t do something or are feeling like there’s someone who is putting you down, you need to listen to this song. Knock us down, but we still don't die, People ask us why we even try, But you and me, we're not the same as everyone, All my brothers and my sisters too, I still remember all I've learned from you, And to you I dedicate this song, We'll just carry on.’ Cue the punk rock woah-ohs. Perfect.

The fourth song is titled Flightless and it wastes no time in getting going with pounding drums and fast-paced guitar and bass from the outset. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was a happy-go-lucky punk song, as Morgan’s vocal style doesn’t particularly carry a lot of venom but within the lyrics it is clear that Flightless is a fairly anger-driven song. And I've seen you at the top, As you spit down in my eye, But I will see you at the bottom, When you realise, you don't know how to fly.’ Then, before you know it, it’s over and it is tempting to press repeat. But at least there’s one more song to come. I’ve been trying to work out what the title of fifth and final track, OHM, stands for or means and… well, I haven’t had much luck. I know that an ohm is something to do with electrical resistance (and is represented by this neat symbol – Ω) but I’m not sure how relevant that is. Whatever the song title may mean, I can at least decipher what the song itself is about – OHM is about about Pardon Us’s hometown of Liverpool. I enjoy the Beatles reference (not that I like The Beatles) – The Beatles moved to London, Pardon Us? We're staying here’. And I’m sure the closing line of Roam all you can roam, but there's no place like home’ can be applied to any individual and their own relationship to their hometown.

Pardon Us are a great addition to the UK DIY punk scene and I look forward to hearing whatever they release next – maybe a full length album!

You can stream, download and buy the 7" of Pardon Us here.
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This review was written by Emma Prew.

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