Friday, 18 September 2015

Album Review: Come Home Tired by Come Home Tired

Come Home Tired are a hardcore punk band from Boston who formed out of the ashes of Wolfbeast Destroyer. Recently they released their self titled debut EP. I've had a hankering to listen to some hardcore music for a little while so I decided to check it out.

The opening track is called Letting Me Go. It starts off with an engine sound before some blisteringly fast punk rock hits you right in the face. The vocals are raw, perfect for the genre of music. Not so raw you can't understand them though, because that's certainly not the case. The track finishes with a big, shouty chorus for you and your mates to sing along with. The second song is Apocalypse Hardcore and has a much harder feeling to it. It starts at 100mph and doesn't relent throughout the song. Third track, Timeless Paragraph is a fist in the air sing-a-long. The song is very short though and feels like it could be expanded. Don't Wanna Talk About You has a nice rumbling bass line to start the track, which adds a nice piece of variety to the EP. Come Home Tired storm through the track before adding an excellent headbanging section at the end of the song. 10,000 Miles, Two Years Apart is the title of the final song on the EP and musically it is very punchy and slightly poppy with the growling vocals layered perfectly over the top of it. This final track is a lot of fun.

Come Home Tired's debut EP is a good effort at fun hardcore music but it feels over almost as quickly as it begins. I understand it's supposed to be stripped down, raw and to the point but the songs feel like they are lacking in substance. Lots of promise though and I look forward to hearing more from Come Home Tired.

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