Thursday, 30 April 2015

Album Review: Goin' Down A Storm by Pirate Copy

Pirate punk rock is not a genre of music that you hear too much about. Cornwalls Pirate Copy could be about to change that though. They play celtic punk rock music with added piracy, influenced by bands such as Dropkick Murphys, The Offspring and Turbonegro they are just about to release a new EP named Goin' Down A Storm. I was very interested to check it out.

The opening song on the EP, also called Goin' Down A Storm really displays what the band are all about and that's partying. The song starts off with a steady drum beat and some crunching guitar riffs before the whole band join in to create a high octane punk rock jam. The song is a great way to begin the EP and the lyrics serve as a great introduction of what to expect from the bands live show. There are plenty of sing along moments and opportunities to throw your fist in the air, basically everything you need from a punk song. The second song on the EP is named Whirlpool is another high energy, fist in the air punk song. The vocals, whilst staying in a pirate style feel more aggressive than they did in the opening song though the overall message of “Make The Most Of Every Fucking Day” is very positive. The EP finishes with Lure Of The Sea, a song with a big hint of early Dropkick Murphys. I like the metaphor meaning in the song, in their guise of pirates they are talking about travelling the seven seas but I take it as singing about being a band on tour. I thought that this was such clever song writing.

What I really loved about this EP was that it makes me really want to see Pirate Copy live. I've only ever heard this three songs from the band and after hearing them I just know that seeing them live would be the most fun.

Goin' Down A Storm will be released on May 2nd.

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