Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Album Review: Modern Slave by Scavenger's Lunch

Scavenger's Lunch are a new pop punk band based in Luxembourg and the United Kingdom. Last month they released their debut EP titled Modern Slave via Bredda Records. The band state on their social media that they are influenced by bands such as The Flatliners, The Gaslight Anthem and The Menzingers. They are favourites at Colin's Punk Rock World so would Scavenger's Lunch become another of our favourite bands too?

Modern Slave begins with an introduction track named Stampede. This is a mostly instrumental track save for a shout of "let's go!". It's up-tempo and really gets you amped for the EP to start properly. It does that on the next song, River. This is a melodic punk rock song that begins with some very energetic guitars and some hard hitting drums before the vocals kick in. The chorus is where the real strength of this song lies. It's one that you'll learn quickly and will be singing along with soon after. In The Van is the title of the third song and is a track about longing to be tour and not living the standard life. I was caught by surprise when I first listened to the song as in the middle of what is another melodic pop punk song Scavenger's Hunt slipped in ska verse. This sounds kind of strange but it works brilliantly.

The fourth song is named Sinking Ship and is again another song which has a brilliant intro. What impressed me immediately is the tempo that lead singer Daniel Megyimori sings with during the track. It's up-tempo but also doesn't feel like he's rushing. Sinking Ship is about taking charge of your life after being stuck on a downward path. The guitars at the beginning of Keep Moving On have a bit of emo about them and also remind me of The Movielife. What drew me in first on Keep Moving On was the punchy melody that the vocals are delivered with. The track feels much more upbeat that anything else so far on Modern Slave and defintiely falls into the more pop punk umbrella of the band's sound. The penultimate song is actually an interlude. It felt kind of strange for the second to last song to be an instrumental interlude but it's a masterful display of musicianship so I it enjoyed nonetheless. Finally we have the EP's title track Modern Slave to round things off. Modern Slave is one of the heavier sounding songs on the EP with an almost ominous tone at the start of the track. It's about being chained to your screens and forgetting to actually live your life and being yourself. It feels as if this is something that Daniel is extremely passionate about in the way that he sings the song.

Modern Slaves is a strong debut EP from Scavenger's Lunch. It shows a great deal of promise in songwriting and it's obvious these four guys are very skilled musicians as well. At times the production on the EP isn't the best and it's a little hard to hear what's going on but that never prevented my enjoyment of the music.

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This review was written by Colin Clark.