Thursday, 13 July 2017

Top Tens: Eat Dirt's Top Ten Punk Rock Influences

Descendents and Meat Loaf – Because fuck you.

Rise Against and Bad Religion – Melody and aggression!

Descendents, Rancid

Descendents – No reason needed.
Bad Religion – Against The Grain changed most of our lives and set us on our musical paths.
Frenzal Rhomb – Speed, meloody and fun! Buy the new album, it's the bees knees.
Lagwagon – Great band that keep delivering awesome music and tour non stop!
No Use For A Name – Great band, seen them a million times. The tragic loss of Tony Sly is still hard to accept, think of all the songs he would have written that we will never hear. Shit.
Second Shot – Fast band! Amazing harmonies and vocal lines, also check out their other band Symphony of Distraction.
Pears – We have a show coming up with these dudes and can't wait. They are absolutely bonkers live.
The Decline – Another of our Australian friends that write consistently great tunes, the best guys as well.
Rise Against – What a voice! Superb live band, blew our brains out at Groezrock a few years back.
The Beatles – Come on, it's the fucking Beatles!!

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